'Blood Lake' Brings Lamprey Attack Action To Animal Planet

If you're freaked out about sharks as you head to the water this Memorial Day weekend, your water-based phobias are misplaced. Instead, beware the lamprey this Sunday!

That's right, this eel-like fish with (as Wikipedia lovingly describes it) "toothed, funnel-like sucking mouth" is the kind of critter to make your skin prune up. And not coincidentally, it is the focus of Animal Planet's feature "Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys." 

Starring Shannen Doherty, Christopher Lloyd and Jason Brooks, and produced by The Asylum (the same company behind "Sharknado"), "Blood Lake" is part of the network's Monster Week, alongside unscripted programming such as "Monster Croc" and "River Monsters."

The plot of the B-movie thriller involves a Michigan town terrorized by the blood sucking fish infesting the sewer system. Lloyd plays the town mayor, and based on one clip, it sure looks like a lamprey is swimming up Doc Brown's toilet to wreck him (and damn near kill him?).

"Blood Lake" premieres May 25 at 9 p.m. on Animal Planet, and no matter how good or bad the flick is, you can bet the lampreys are going to suck.

-Aaron Sagers