First Season Five Image Released For 'The Walking Dead'

Courtesy Daily Dead
Lots of sneak peeks today and AMC didn't want to be left out. Daily Dead is reporting that AMC just released the first official picture for the fifth season of "The Walking Dead." It's a close up picture of Rick and he'ss looking pretty rough and like he's hiding from something awful. Which pretty much is what they all do on the show, right?

Recently, the fan page "The Spoiling Dead Fans" reported that a member of the group said that filming at the Terminus location moved inside and it was quite noisy:

"Filming has moved inside. Loud screams were heard. Not shouting/arguing/pleading tones. These were described by multiple people as 'torture' or something that sounded extremely bad."

We'll keep you posted on any new season five news.

-Larissa Mrykalo