New Release Date and Cast Members for 'Goosebumps' Film

Simons and Lund, courtesy
According to The Wrap, the "Goosebumps" movie has just added Timothy Simons ("Veep") and Amanda Lund ("Ghost Ghirls") to the cast. The duo will be joining Jack Black in a spin on the R.L. Stine series as a pair of bumbling police officers, whose ineptitude reaches an all time high when their town is overtaken by storybook monsters come to life.

The movie follows teenaged Zach Cooper and his family as they move to the small town of Greendale, Maryland. His neighbor turns out to be none other then author R.L. Stine. Things quickly turn spooky when the demonic dummy, Slappy, unleashes the villains from the "Goosebumps" books into the real world! Zach, Stine's niece Hannah and the man behind the pen himself have to team up and get the baddies back in their books before they completely take over.

Directed by Rob Letterman, the film will now be released on August 7, 2015. Filming is currently underway in Georgia and Los Angeles.

-Nowal Massari