'Attack of The Devil' Short Film Promises 'A Giant Monster Musical Horror Sci-Fi Socio-Religious Satire!'

"Holy crap! Is that a giant mechanical Jesus?" Yep. In what is purported (sarcastically) to be "...quite possibly the greatest piece of web content ever created," "Attack of the Devil" is the newest short film that's written, directed, and produced by filmmaker Lon Strickland (creator of the International Shit Movie Film Festival) and we thought we'd share its magnificence with you all. It is quite irreverent and there's language so just a friendly warning.

But first, a word from Strickland, “This film was my effort to create something original; a giant monster musical comedy, while staying true to the shitmovie aesthetic, with over-the-top performances and spending as little money as possible to execute a big budget concept. I wanted to make something loaded with extremes and ambiguity while letting the audience fend for themselves, asking is it funny? Is it cool? Is it offensive? I don't know, but it's my kind of art!"

Intrigued? Here's the plot summary to end all plot summaries...
Upon discovering a gigantic uncircumcised penis in the deserts of Iraq, Father Joseph inadvertently awakens a sixty story high Satan from his ancient slumber. Come to find out the giant penis is for Robo-Jesus, the enormous ancient alien the Vatican is in the process of reconstructing. Yes, Robo-Jesus has an uncircumcised penis, and yes, the Devil and Robo-Jesus find themselves in the clutches of an epic battle. When the priests start singing and the Pope calls for Robo-Jesus's circumcision, morbid curiosity will take you to the end. And trust us, you’ll want to stay until the end.

"Attack of the Devil" stars Raymond McAnally (30 Rock, Boardwalk Empire) as Father Joseph, and also features Timothy A. Bennett (Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong, Jimmy Kimmel Live!).