The Infamy Of 13 Letters In Your Name

We here at PPC love when a Friday falls on the thirteenth day of the month! It's like a mini paranormal holiday when we can discuss spooky things and superstitions. Thanks to a recent blog post sent to us by Sarah Mann, we've seen some light shed on another possible "unlucky" aspect of the number 13.

In light of 2014’s only Friday the 13th, Findery, has uncovered some downright interesting, and somewhat disturbing, facts/stats/occurrences from past."

Check out the list of infamous people below and tell us what you think of this theory. What are some of your superstitions?

-Larissa Mrykalo

Do you have 13 letters in your name? Take your first and last names and count the number of letters. What's the total? 13? Gasp! This may not bode well for your future. A silly superstition? Perhaps. But consider the following people whose names comprise that number:

Lavinia Fisher
The stunning and charming Lavinia Fisher ran the Six Mile Wayfarer House just outside of Charleston, South Carolina. In 1819 local townspeople began to notice that male guests visiting the house were disappearing, and alerted the police. What they discovered was horrific–Lavinia was poisoning her boarders and stealing their valuables. Her husband–also convicted–said he had lost count of the number of victims after 15 or 20. Maybe they stopped at 13? This made Lavinia the first American serial killer.

Albert DeSalvo
“It wasn’t as dark and scary as it sounds. I had a lotto fun...Killing somebody’s a funny experience.” Straight from the horse’s mouth, ladies and gentlemen, that’s what the Boston Strangler said. It was general consensus that Albert DeSalvo murdered 13 women, but he was not convicted for such. His remains were exhumed in July, 2013 and a perfect DNA match was found between DeSalvo and one of his victims. We knew it. Plus, he was the subject of a major prank in Texas.

Charles Manson
We all know a lot about Charles Manson, but a lesser known fact is that after this man with a 13 letter name sent his “family” to murder Sharon Tate and her friends, he went back to the actress’s house to rearrange the scene for maximum visual effect. And this is the same guy who wrote some beautiful music. Have a listen and you might enjoy that’s spooky.

Jeffrey Dahmer
This guy took serial killing to a new level–besides raping and murdering his victims, he then went about dismembering and sometimes eating them. When he was sentenced to life imprisonment, Dahmer was beaten to death by two inmates in the prison gym. He died a Christian convert. But the question remains for those who are left behind to clean up the mess -- what do you DO with property formerly occupied by the most notorious serial killer in the world? Empty lot it seems. Or parking lot.

Aileen Wuornos
In the span of one year, Aileen Wuornos murdered seven men. But after a life like hers you kind of understand how she ended up that way. Severely abused as a child by many members of her family, Wuornos started working as a prostitute when only 11 years old. She claimed that each of her victims had raped her. ” She was arrested in 1991 at the Last Resort Bar, and confessed to the murders three days later. She was convicted for six of the seven murders and sentenced to death by lethal injection. She later said, “I am a serial killer. I would kill again.” No remorse from this one.

Saddam Hussein
What do you expect from a guy who kills his brother, overthrows the Iraq government, wages war on Iran, kills 5,000 civilians with chemical weapons, invades Kuwait, and kills his sons-in-law? You’d expect that he had 13 letters in his name. And that’s just the brief synopsis of his crimes. How does a genocidal maniac live? In an opulent-seeming palace that turns out to be constructed of plastic and pasteboard.

Osama bin Laden
"The U.S. today, as a result of the arrogant atmosphere, has set a double standard, calling whoever goes against its injustice a terrorist," said the former al-Qaeda leader. He has a point, but then again, what would you call killing 3,000 people in a single New York City morning? The work of a man with 13 letters in his name.