'They Live' Naked Makes Consumers Obey in New Way

In "They Live," Nada is there to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and he's all out of bubble gum. But ass? Well, there's actually none of that on display in the "They Live" parody photo shoot at WoodRocket.com, the comedy and adult entertainment website. But there is blue alien flesh.

In the 1988 horror classic from director John Carpenter, Nada (played by Roddy Piper), learns Earth has been invaded by aliens bent on keeping humans in line. How they achieve that goal is through subliminal messages of consumption, obedience and assimilation. But once Piper's ass-kicking hero gets a pair of '80s-tastic sunglasses that allows him to see the alien creatures for what they are -- blue-skinned, veiny and bug-eyed -- well, he starts to get rowdy.

But WoodRocket.com's sense of humor might be spot on to suggest in "They Live naked" that nothing sells better than sex, and the aliens choose to show off a little ET skin to make us "Obey." The photo gallery features models Vuko & Lily Bergman, and was photographed by Chad Duerksen.

It is weird, funny, not safe for work and kinda creepy. We think horror icon Carpenter would approve. All that's missing is some synth music.

-Aaron Sagers