What Are The Odds This Friday The 13th?

You've got to ask yourself one question: Do you feel lucky this Friday the 13th? Well, do ya, punk?

If not, try to look at the bright side. Not only is this Friday the 13th the only unlucky day of 2014 (albeit one that falls on a full moon), but your odds of getting attacked by a zombie today are pretty slim. Still, the freakiness of this day is socially ingrained. The betting advice site estimates as many as twenty-one million people around the nation fear this date causing an estimated $800 million in lost business dealings on days like today.

So, to put things into perspective, here is a breakdown of SportsBettingDime.com's odds of the calamities that might befall you today. What do you think you run the highest risk of occurring?

  • Flight delayed 5/1
  • Accidentally send an embarrassing text message 500/1
  • Cable/Internet stops working 700/1
  • Lose your keys 900/1
  • Girlfriend/Boyfriend breaks up with you 1000/1
  • Car breaks down 1000/1
  • Lose your wallet 1100/1
  • Lose your job 1200/1
  • Get divorced 1400/1
  • Lose your engagement/wedding ring 1600/1
  • Get in a car accident 2000/1
  • Power goes out 8,000/1
  • Get robbed 8,000/1
  • Get injured at work 10,500/1
  • Computer crashes losing important files 12,000/1
  • Unable to leave house due to Triskaidekaphobia 1,000,000/1
  • Flight delayed due to black cat on runway - 10,000,000/1
  • Get struck by lightning 182,000,000/1
  • Pick every correct lottery number except #13 - 200,000,000/1
  • Get bitten by a zombie – 50,000,000,000/1
-Aaron Sagers