Moving New Attacking 'Telekinetic Priest' Prank

Courtesy Bloody Disgusting
We love a good prank and think one of the best parts is watching the reactions of the unsuspecting victims. DmPranksProductions recently released their latest creation and damn it's pretty detailed. A telekinetic priest who utters some creepy language, menacingly walks towards dudes who just want to wash their car or talk a moonlit stroll. Moving table and chairs and exploding heads full of gore lace this video for your enjoyment. How this prankster doesn't end up shot or stabbed is a shocker but I guess running away with a load in your pants is a safer solution.

Check out the video below. We've also included some FAQ about the prank...

Q: How did you move objects?
A: Spectra® wires, kicks

Q: How did you lift a person?
A: 0,2 mm Mil-Spec 550lbs Paracord Type III linked to a silent electric lifter hidden inside the three 6 meters over the ground

Q: How did you make the dummy head explode?
A: Radio detonator + exploding charge, see the equip we used here:

Q: Why no pranks on women?
A: They might be pregnant

Q:What language he speak?
A: He speak some forgotten language

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting for the heads up on this video.

-Larissa Mrykalo