Trailer for New Horror Film, 'The Possession of Michael King'

Courtesy IMDB
There's a new horror film about possession being released in theaters on August 22 (available on VOD on August 26) and based on the exclusive trailer over at Entertainment Weekly, you might want to think twice about that demon invoking you're planning on doing. Directed by David Jung, "The Possession of Michael King" is about a non-believing documentary filmmaker/dad (Shane Johnson) who just lost his spouse and wants to make a film that documents his search for the existence of the supernatural. It does not go well. Why? Because...demons. Allowing a variety of occultists to perform rituals on you is probably not one of Mr. King's brighter ideas.

Check out the trailer below and let us know if you're cool with yet another possession film being released. Are they getting old or do they need to be exorcised from theaters?

  -Larissa Mrykalo