'True Blood' Recap: 'Death is Not the End'

Courtesy HBO

This week's "True Blood" opens with Sookie making a call to Alcide’s dad to let him know that Alcide was killed, and Jason making a call to Hoyt to let him know that Maxine has been killed. If you remember, Hoyt was glamored so he wouldn’t remember Jason or Jessica, so he has no idea who Jason is when he calls. Jason can’t hold it together, so Sookie tells him to man up.

Eric & Pam
We find out that Pam and Eric were in Shreveport as a form of punishment from the Magister. They were forced to run a video store. Strange punishment, no? They even had a XXX section downstairs. The Magister also made helpful mention of the underground entrance and exit from that building. Thanks for that tidbit of info! It will be helpful later. The Authority made Eric the sheriff of Area 5 so that they could keep an eye on him.

Flashback to 1987, when Fangtasia was still that nasty video store. Ginger (!!!) enters the store to get some vampire movies. She is clearly enamored with anything related to vampires and applies for the dayshift position at the store.

Ginger eventually comes up with the grand idea of Fangtasia, and Pam steals the idea from her. In the future she tells Eric that she stole his idea. They have a good chuckle about it.

They show up at Bill’s house, and Eric and Sookie have a heart to heart.

Sookie goes to visit Arlene’s kids to tell them that she’s going to help Holly remember where they were locked up. Sookie does her fairy mind trick and gets into Holly’s memories where she sees that Arlene and Nicole are still alive in the basement of Fangtasia.

Once Sookie finds out that Arlene and Nicole are at Fangtasia, Sam can’t control himself and wants to go get them. Jason talks sense into him and tells him that they can’t go without the help of vampires.

James finds out that Jessica isn’t healing because she hasn’t eaten in months. James goes to get Bill to convince Jessica to eat. Blah, blah, blah, overwhelming guilt about eating fairies. Sookie shows up and tells her that she doesn’t care if she’s eating or not, but she’s going to have to if she’s going to help Sookie rescue her friends from the basement of Fangtasia. Lafayette shows up and feeds Jessica letting them know that he also felt guilty after killing Jesus (you know the former boyfriend, not the son of God), but he had to let it go. I am sure this made James just fall further in love with Lafayette.

While still delivering death news, Sam and Jason show up at Rosie and Kevin’s house to let her know that Kevin is dead. Rosie is rather rude before she realizes why they have shown up. Don’t worry, she has a change of heart later and ends up pairing up with Vince which leads to her demise. I never liked her anyway.

Good vs. Evil
Finally they all gather up the good vampires, including Eric and Pam to go barge into Fangtasia and save Arlene and Nicole since we know that Kevin is dead. (RIP Kevin.) I don’t know how, but Vince’s vigilantes have impeccable timing and show up at the same time as our hero group. Sam turns into a rat and tells everyone that they’re coming in to get them, but not to be scared. They’re frieeeennndddly vampires. It’s too late for Arlene because she’s already the Hep-V vamp’s dinner.

Luckily they get in and escort everyone out. Even Arlene is saved by a friendly vamp named Keith (?). Before getting his blood, she was on the brink of death and chatting with her dead hubby, Terry.

In the wake of the rescue mission and vigilante invasion, we suffered some casualties. Vince, Rosie, and most of the vigilantes, as well as the infected vamps are no more. That leaves me to wonder what we are up against in the next few episodes. Alcide’s dad and Hoyt have yet to show up, so that should make for some twists and turns.

Smaller Bites:
-Is Nicole ever going to give birth? Do you think a dolphin or puppy is going to pop out?
-If Arlene was poisonous to Ms. Harris, the school teacher, why didn’t she poison those other hungry vamps? What’s going on with her?
-Is Bill really done with being a jerk?
-How long before Bill and Sookie start knocking the boots again?
-Poor Willa. She can’t catch a break.

Here's a preview of next week's new episode, "Lost Cause."