'Ghost Hunters' Amy Bruni Launches 'Boutique' Paranormal Event Company

Less than three months after revealing she was leaving Syfy's Ghost Hunters, paranormal investigator is beginning a spirited new endeavor.

In a press release issued today, Bruni announced she has launched Strange Escapes, LLC, a "boutique experience aimed at fans of the paranormal."

Following seven seasons on the reality-TV series, Bruni confirmed in late May she (and fellow investigator Adam Berry) would be leaving the show, though she will still appear in episodes yet to air in its tenth season.

The paranormal event space is nothing new, and Bruni herself was a co-founder of Beyond Reality Events alongside cast mates Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson and Britt Griffith. That company disbanded following eight years of operation.

Traditionally the set up for a ghosthunting event has included an overnight investigation of a location, along with paranormal lectures and social gatherings during the day. So what will be different with Bruni's Strange Escapes?

In a statement to PPC, Bruni said, "My mission is to take fans of paranormal television one step further, and to turn them into fans of the entire field of the paranormal." She went on:
"People are drawn to the events because they want to meet and investigate with the folks they're familiar with from television, but once they're there, through an immersive lecture series, they will learn that this field has been around since the 1800s and that its history is rich and fascinating ... they'll walk away having been on an investigation, but they'll also walk away with a whole new appreciation and understanding for where this all started."
Moreover, regarding the social atmosphere of the events which separates hers from other paranormal events, Bruni added:
"Our events will be a highly social atmosphere. When you're not investigating or in talks, the speakers and fellow attendees will spend a lot of time mingling and attending meet and greets. Our speakers are just as excited to meet you as you are to meet them."
Along with events manager Sarah Coombs (formerly of the paranormal Web series 30 Odd Minutes), Bruni said in the press release she wants to fill a niche for "smart, inquisitive people who hunger for an experience that’s just a little… strange"

"We’d love to put some lesser-known haunts on the map and to enable more people to attend events that are closer to home."

According to Bruni, Strange Escapes already has several events scheduled at supposedly haunted locations such as the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO; a haunted winery in Liberty, MO; the Preston Castle in Ione, CA. Guests will included Ghost Hunters co-founder Wilson and television investigators Chip Coffey, Ben Hansen and Berry.

-Aaron Sagers