'True Blood' Recap: 'May Be the Last Time'

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Gus, Jr., Pam, and Eric tie down Amber to try to get answers out of her about Sarah, errrr, New-Me. Eric kind of snaps when Amber won’t answer them, and he looks at her and sees Sarah. The only solution, of course, is to kill her. Pam looks devastated because she knows that without Sarah, there’s no hope left for any of the infected vampires.

Andy, Holly, & Kids
Andy and Holly go out searching for Wade and Adilyn. All they find in the treehouse are their abandoned cell phones. Andy calls Jessica who is still upset about Bill’s progressing virus, but she tells Andy that she hasn’t heard anything from Adilyn.

Adilyn doesn’t realize that she’s in danger because she’s naive. Violet shows them around her "50 Shades of Grey"-esque sex dungeon. The kids both realize that they don’t want to use all the accoutrements of Violet’s sex dungeon. I have to admit that I am glad they both came to this realization because I don’t think I could suffer through that scene.

Andy and Holly have the great idea to go to Oklahoma City to look for the kids. Obviously, they don’t find them because no one would know to go look in Violet’s creepy sex dungeon. I don’t even know where Violet lives, honestly. Andy tells Holly that he’s weary of trying to keep everyone safe. Holly assures them that their story will have a happy ending. (Side Note: Why is her neck still all bitten up from those vampires?)

Violet wakes up and knocks Wade out, planning on getting Adilyn’s fairy blood. Jessica wakes up when she senses that Adilyn is danger.

Sookie & Bill
Everyone is sitting around looking glum about Bill’s illness. Sookie suggests a progressive treatment in India that Bill mentions in his book. He tells her that it’s not ready. So they continue sitting around looking depressed some more.

Bill has another flashback where he has some hella 1800s hair. His dad tells him that he will marry the neighbor’s daughter because he’s dying, and if he marries the neighbor’s daughter, their land will combine. That way young Bill has nothing to worry about. I’ve got to say, these Bill flashbacks are such a drag. It does, however, renew my interest in the adjective “comely.” He finally meets his fair wife-to-be, and they seem quite taken with each other.

Sookie gets the creepy Dr. Ludwig to come and treat Bill. She keeps telling Sookie that she’s not afraid of anything. Sookie inquires if it’s her fairy blood that has caused Bill’s virus to progress, and Dr. Ludwig says that has nothing to do with it. Dr. Ludwig is a bit of a jerk, but she does finally quake in her boots when she finds out that Sookie is Niall’s great, great, grandchild. She gets out of there without helping them any further.

Sookie takes this as a cue to go and talk to Niall. I am not certain why, but she is standing on Sarah Compton’s grave when she does this. She gets irritated, but goes home to find Niall who is craving spaghetti. Niall said that he is always watching her which conjures up all of those inappropriate times that Sookie has had with Bill, Alcide, Warlow, Eric, and whomever else I am missing.

Niall uses Sookie to go back into nature’s memory or some such hokey crap. They go back into Bill’s history where they see the birth of Bill’s firstborn. Niall lets her know that this is a miracle. Honestly, that’s not the type of miracle that she was hoping for. Niall tells her that Bill cannot be fixed with magic. Well, that’s a disaster. She tells Niall to buzz off.

Sookie wakes up in the middle of the night and runs to Bill. They bone next to the fireplace as his Hep-V spreads like wildfire. I guess what’s the point in being careful now? (Also, is anyone else thinking about grandpa hanging out in fairy land watching all of this or is it just me?)

Keith shows at Bellefleur’s looks all sultry. Arlene tells him that she’s not a fangbanger, but she ends up banging him on the pool table…in her dreams. Later on he really does show up because he senses Arlene’s sadness. She tells Keith that she is Hep-V positive, so he suggests that they dance. Poor, sad-ass Arlene.

Hoyt and his new fancy genius girlfriend show up at Bellefleur’s. Arlene looks puzzled when he doesn’t know Jason’s name, so she calls Jason. He tells her not to say anything about him. Jason shows up at Bellefleur’s, and it looks like old habits die hard as he keeps checking out Hoyt’s new girlfriend. Jason lies to Hoyt and tells him that Maxine wasn’t one of the irate townspeople that took the law into her own hands. If Hoyt had any sense, she wouldn’t have believed him.

Sam shows up at Bellefleur’s where he gets advice from Arlene who I am not sure is equipped to give great advice. I also want to know where Arlene gets her nails done in Bon Temps.

Eric & Pam
Since Amber is dead at the hands of Eric, Gus, Jr. is none too happy. Gus, Jr. tells Eric that he plans to find Sarah, then he will synthesize and distribute her blood to all the infected vampires as Nu-Blood. He offers Eric 49% of the stock of Nu-Blood if he will be the spokesperson. Some back and forth goes on, and Eric finally agrees to help Gus, Jr. I’m not sure if he’s agreeing to be the face of the company or not, but Gus, Jr. is pretty convincing with that whole “my word is oak” speech.

Eric and Pam wake up thinking that Gus, Jr. has screwed them over. I guess his word is oak because he is outside waiting for Eric and Pam once they wake up so they can go get Sarah together.

Sarah finally shows up well over halfway into the episode. She shows up at the Light of Day Institute where she is having hallucinations about talking to Jason. She talks to herself which lands her on some super fancy Japanese satellite. I guess the moral of that story is to never say anything.

Sarah has visions of Steve, the guru, and Jason who tell her that she’s going to die tonight. Just about that time, she hears the rumble of vehicles outside.

Smaller Bites:
-We didn’t see anything of La-La and Lettie Mae until the end of the episode where they are digging around in the front yard of Tara and LM’s old house. A little girl looks out her window clearly terrified.
-What are they going to do to Sarah once they find her? Torture and drain her? Bottle it up because Bill’s days are numbered!
-So, what is Sam going to do? Go with Nicole or stay in a deteriorating Bon Temps?
-Is Jessica going to kill Violet? I hope so because Violet is the worst.
-Is Jason going to be able to restrain himself around Hoyt’s new girlfriend?

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