Funko to Release 'X-Files' Figures in February

It warms my heart that one of my favorite shows ever, "The X-Files," has endured despite ending twelve years ago. Case in point, Funko is releasing Pop! vinyl figures depicting not only Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully but also an alien and The Smoking Man. But wait! There's more! Wacky Wobblers of Mulder and Scully will also be available but unfortunately, we have to wait until February of 2015 to purchase.  

Good news though, they're available for pre-order so maybe Santa can just present a receipt as a gift? The vinyls are $9.99 and the Wacky Wobblers are $12.99 and that's certainly a small price to pay to have this much awesome sitting on your shelf or...wherever, we don't judge.

Check out the figures (after the jump) and let us know what you think...we want the truth!

-Larissa Mrykalo