'Face Off' Recap: 'Royal Flush'

All photos courtesy Syfy

Two down, 13 to go and we've got Tim Burton-inspired whimsical madness tonight. Let's do this.

The contestants take a field trip to the Normandie Casino where they get their first individual spotlight challenge - bring the royals in the deck of playing cards to life in an outlandish and quirky way a la Tim Burton. Ah, the 'whimsy' challenge, where we learn who has a dictionary and who does not.

Ben - Jack of Diamonds going for old and decrepit.
Stephanie - King of Diamonds
Darla - Jack of Hearts where he's jealous of the king as he's in love with the queen.
Adam - King of Clubs by way of the Rat Pack night clubs and I have visions of zoot suits dancing in my head. Do not fail me, Adam.
Kelly - Queen of Spades so a courtroom judge, naturally.
Daniel - Queen of Diamonds and cue immediate Kermit arms over beauty make-up.
Jamie - King of Spades and the David and Goliath theme but more Don Quixote. She was the last to choose her model and ended up with a female. This could be problematic.
Julian - Jack of Clubs  and giver of wisdom but in this form more of an adviser to the Underworld.
Anthony - King of Hearts, depressed that hte queen was killed in front of him.
Emily - Queen of Hearts where she will wear her heart on her sleeve...and in her hair.
Rob - Jack of Spades by way of Musketeer and this has a lot of potential for the challenge.
Logan - Queen of Clubs and by that we mean wine of the month.
Regina - Joker who will be more like a toy Janus.

Mr. Westmore visits and aside from a bad card pun, no one got terrible news. Well, except for Logan who had to change his face sculpt and Daniel was already screwed so the bar is set pretty low. Who will join Daniel in the bottom, that is the question here.

Get your drinks ready because this is where the magic happens. Rob is doing a huge Musketeer hat that is 50 shades of awesome and I want one of my own. Anthony's distraught over his melting king and Julian's gelatin is all gooey. Probably because he used too much vodka. I digress.

Stephanie's model got sick so she has to mold Kevin's face onto her new model. Jamie applies her face and cowl out of order which cuts into painting time and Anthony is wig-less. This is why whole concept planning is so important y'all. Regina's joker is looking a lot like 'V' for Vendetta but will end up 'L' for 'Loser' if she can't figure out how to apply the second face.

Last Looks
Aw, Emily helps Daniel with the eye lashes but unless they dress in drag and do the hula I'm not sure it will make much difference. Meanwhile, Anthony is having a full-fledged meltdown. It's like he's never seen an episode of "Face Off" before.

Reveal Stage
Special guest judge tonight is Robert Stromberg and they all squeal appropriately.

Jamie's is looking rather Monty Python-esque.
Logan's Queen of Clubs is sporting a goatee.
Julian's looks like a cross between Ebeneezer Scrooge and Sad Santa.
Ben's looks constipated.
Adam's is a pimp and has an awesome purple zoot suit.
Rob's hat is fantastic; totally nailed the whimsy.
Daniel went Marie Antoinette and Ve's not feeling it at all.
Emily's is borderline HBC but is really cool with the human heart accents.
Regina pulled off the two faces and that's about all there is to say about that.
Darla's facial sculpt is amazing and looks like a satyr.
Anthony, all I can say is what the hell happened here?

Oh hell, the appliance is falling off Rob's model, Sad Santa got some love from the judges but the Marie Antoinette marionette did not.

Kelly, Ben, Regina, Rob (Yay!), Logan, Adam. You know it was a bad week when even appliances falling off the characters don't land you in the bottom looks.

Jamie - Went too dandy, not enough royal. The sculpting was rough and it looked like a Klingon head with a drab paint job.
Anthony - Some big problems with this, The paint was muddled, the hair is mess, and it's not even a good clown make-up. Holy harsh critiques, Batman!
Daniel - There is just so much 'no' here.

Darla - Brilliant, stunning, they love the application technique and nailed the subtlety around the edge of the heart for framing the face.

Emily - Beautiful head shape and profile and Glenn hates how good she is so young.

Julian - Props for going out of the box as his stood out.

All three top looks came from Laura's team and Emily earns the first individual win.

Team Anthony loses another member leaving Team Rayce with the only full complement of contestants.

 Next week they'll be creating a character inspired by a unique sound effect. Man, I hope someone gets 'BIFF!' Head to Syfy on Tuesday, February 10 at 9 ET for 'Sounding Off.'