'Face Off' Recap: 'Imaginary Friends'

All photos courtesy Syfy

Last time, Stephanie was eliminated for taking way too long to develop her concepts. Time management people - learn it, love it, use it! Logan's been racking up the wins for Team Rayce, Team Anthony is hanging in there with Ben and Team Laura has the most remaining artists with three. With just six artists still in the running, it's time to unleash shenanigans of the adorable kind. Let's do this.

All of the Hollywood blockbusters in the world cannot compare to the flights of fancy that are a child's imagination so for your Spotlight Challenge this week, you'll work with a child to bring their imaginary friends to life as a whimsical character. Cue abject terror from the artists as unlike with animals, you can't crate kids. Well, you shouldn't because CPS. Plus whimsy! Add in some beauty make-up and you've got the trifecta of terror.

Design Phase
Logan/Alexandra - She likes mermaids. He wants monsters. Enough said.
Emily/Maya- Her friend is bunny, Lulu, so Emily will design the characer as stuffed animal that helps inspire creativity. Just stay away from big hair.
Adam/Lance - His imaginary friend is a giant alligator with 2 legs and breathes fire and wings who is responsible for missing toys. They go with La-zor as a name thanks to pesky copyright infringement with Godzilla.
Darla/Jordyn - Her imaginary friend has sparkles and a sparkly diamond head with curly hair a sparkly pink dress. There might not be enough glitter in the world to bring this to life.
Ben/Blayne - His friend has three heads with wings on one head. horns on another, a long tail, no legs and walks on its arms. This kid needs to lay off the Fun-Dip is all I'm saying.
Julian/Andrew - His friend is a half human/half zombie mohawked breakdancer. Okay then.

Emily goes right for the wig. Sigh. Laura cautions Julian to not go 'full zombie' for his creation, you know, because he's a kid. That his parents made the questionable decision to let him watch "The Walking Dead" is immaterial. Adam makes a risky decision to focus on fabricating the chest, leaving the sculpting for Day Two. Mr. Westmore visits, advising Logan to make the mermaid pretty and for Ben to pay attention to the eyes of his. All six of them.

Day Two
Your tail sucks Logan. Back to the cardboard. Emily is having an emotional moment and since she's so talented, it's easy to forget how young she is but now is really not a good time to have a breakdown. She worked through it though and came back more focused than ever. Atta girl!

Molding Phase
Ben is molding three faces and Darla is doing fabrication for the first time to get the crystal look she needs for her character. No cracked mold drama so many shots went undrunk.

Application Day
Emily's cowl tore a slight bit but Laura talks her off the ledge. Ben is still pulling his character together and needs help from his model to get it done. Anthony can't help so does what he can by standing to the side and sweating bullets. Whimsy will surely be the death of the them all.

Last Looks
When you have to use staples and a hot-glue gun to get your creation to stay together, you might have bitten off more than you can chew there Ben.

Reveal Stage
The kids are there to see their creations brought to life. This won't be awkward at all.

Julian  - Radioactive Mad Max.
Darla - The Fairy Princess Queen of Diamonds in the sky is in the house.
Emily - The Velveteen Rabbit after a bender.
Ben - HR Puffnsutff meets Scooby Doo which was eaten by Happy Feet
Logan - Mermaid Queen from the land of Beetlejuice
Adam - Moss Man Gamorrhean guard

Judges - They are confused by Julian's, like Darla's, like Emily's (Glenn says it reminds him of Saturday morning cartoons), Ben's is problematic with the one-dimensional paint job (that's what they found problematic?), like Logan's paint color, and are impressed with Adam for all that he's accomplished.

Logan, Emily

Darla - They like the integration of the diamond concept and she made great choices in the execution.

Adam - They loved how child-like and whimsical yet true to the challenge it was.

Ben - Too cartoonish and the main head was one-dimensional. His main mistake was incorporating everything Blayne said in the design. There was no interpretation and nuance.
Julian - He ended up in design purgatory with not enough delineation between the human side and zombie side.

Winner - Adam

Eliminated - Ben and as he was the sole remaining member of Team Anthony, so was Anthony.

The stuff bad trips are made of.
We're down to two coaches and five artists. Join us on Syfy Tuesday March 31, for evil demonic doll characters, ensuring that I'll be purging my house of every stuffed animal in it, in 'Deadly Dolls' at 9 p.m. ET.