'Face Off' Recap: 'Super Selfie'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Last week on "Face Off," Kelly's Miss Intergalactic contestant was voted 'Most Likely to Be Eliminated' leaving Team Anthony with one artist remaining. Today will appeal to the narcissist in all of us so let's do this.

Ben's feeling the pressure of being the last on his team and having been in the bottom looks the previous challenge. Field trip time to the Herald Examiner building which has been used as a film set for superhero movies. The Spotlight Challenge this week is the transform a seemingly ordinary person into a superhero. That ordinary person? The artists themselves. Because Makenzie's not completely sadistic, they will have assistance on Application Day. Thanks?

Design Phase
Logan - He's thinking dragons and vigilante justice. Man, Eliott Ness would have loved his character 'Slayer' to battle corruption.
Emily - She's an introvert and pulls her inspiration from nature so a super natural healer is the way to go.
Stephanie - She's drawing a blank (drink!) and finally decides on a part-demon faceless antihero.
Darla - She too is a quiet, shy introvert so her superhero is a guardian angel type who's the opposite of her. Uh, okay.
Ben - Rules? We don't need no stinking rules. He goes full-on villain with a super soldier in a helicopter crash. Pretty sure we've already seen this in "Captain America: Winter Soldier" but do your thing Ben.
Julian - He too is an anti-hero, a human who  made deal with the devil to use his powers for good but is slowly corrupting to evil. Good thing the Slayer is in the house.
Adam - He's practically giddy and envisions a character who fights giant monsters but has no fighting experience. Anyone else channeling "The Greatest American Hero?"

It's Emily's birthday and the Coaches arrive with cupcakes. Try not to take inspiration from them, okay?

Emily uses a giant yellow wig as a base and wraps it in moss and while the effect is cool, the big hair has been played out. Stephanie still has no face so she's going to go with only a brow piece and rely on flawless makeup in black and white. See, this plan never works out well for anyone and Laura backs slowly away. Logan balances the scales on his sculpt and Laura gives Julian a master class in speed sculpting. Halfway through the season may be a bit late to teach time management there Laura. Emily is allergic to latex and has to use gelatin which is a sticky mess but Adam is having an absolute blast with his bucket arms. Ben is Anthony's only team member left so he gets extra special attention. Lucky Ben!

Application Day
Emily's edges worked and all of the concepts are looking really cool. Well, except for Stephanie's which is reading more demonic vampire elf. Adam is still having more fun than anyone and he wins for that alone.

Last Looks
Stephanie is still looking like an evil elf but everyone else seems to be in good shape. She's worried about it looking muddy and honey, that is the least of your worries right now. In the eleven and a half hour, Emily realizes that her character doesn't feel like a superhero but there is truly nothing she can do about it now.

Reveal Stage
Logan - Tattered dragon snake king
Julian - Sultry demonic triceratrops
Stephanie - Bad ass demon elf
Darla - Masked queen
Ben - The love child of Bane and the Winter Soldier
Emily - Mother Nature is gonna get you if you litter
Adam - Greatest American Hero stole Daredevil's dry cleaning

Guest judge - Todd McFarlane who clearly is thinking, "Dear god in heaven what the hell happened here?!"

Artists, have you ever wanted to know what the judges say when they take their closer looks? Well today is your lucky day! They like Logan and Adam's and seem a bit grossed out by Ben's. As are we, judges. As are we.

Julian, Darla, Ben (dammit)

Top Looks
Logan - The judges really liked color palette, wings, back story, the face, just...everything.

Adam - They appreciated that he went over-the-top comedic and hit the superhero note perfectly though his character's name left a lot to be desired. The Crimson Wave?!

Bottom Looks
Emily - It looks like a hedge/topiary and really didn't fit the parameters of the challenge. Also, they are hella tired of the big hair. Uh, judges? Have you seen Emily?
Stephanie - It was a mistake that the mask didn't fit as it would have been better to reveal her face underneath on stage. The forms were too derivative and looks like Kiefer Sutherland's character from "The Lost Boys." Oh Stephanie, you will pay for your lack of vision.

Logan won for the astounding technical work made even better with self application (which sounds all sorts of wrong.)


That's three wins for Logan and now Team Laura is down to three artists.

Next week the artists team up with their biggest critics yet with the wildest imaginations - kindergartners. Make sure to tune to Syfy in on March 24 at 9 p.m. EST for 'Imaginary Friends.'