'Helix' Recap: 'Plan B'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Last week, Team Sap found the bleeding tree just in time to maybe Save Texas, Julia offered to knock up Amy with Sarah's baby, Sergio took flight, and Peter decided to resurrect the Vector-King, minus the vectoring. Only three episodes left in this season to answer the burning questions: Will Ilaria release Narvik-C and wipe out humanity? Will the CDC be actually useful in stopping an outbreak? And perhaps most importantly, will Amy's epic temper tantrum get her her immortal way? Buckle up y'all; it's about to get crazy in here. Let's do this.

Oh look. They found Doreen's monkeys. These have been infected with the mycotic but gassing them works real well in killing them. No kidding. The Navy will take it all. Peter's enjoying playing 'Daddy' thereby passing his daddy-issues to a brand new generation. No time for that, we must purge the island of skeptics which comes from the gospel according to Anne. Poor Peter, he can't help but be manipulated by every female he sees.

Julia explains the implantation procedure to Amy  - using an artificial umbilical cord and placenta should allow the fetus to take root in her uterus, raising estrogen and progesterone to the correct levels of course and if it works, you'll absorb the same genetic material and get what you want.. Julia, why are you carrying artificial umbilical cords around with you? Amy buys it all, hook, line and sinker. Julia sees Alan returning with Team Sap and Soren and well, this will be awkward. He's not thrilled she's found him, she tells him about Narvik-C, they debate which fate worse than death is better so really, everything is normal.

Looks like the spinal fluid kind of worked on Landry and he kills the guys sent to retrieve his and Sergio's bodies. Amy sets Olivia to watch Sarah when Julia tries to explain the plan but Jules, don't try to reason with a hormonal woman. Just...don't. Trust me. Okay, look: the kid stopped growing in you and maybe by putting him in Amy he'll grow. Slick Julia, very slick.

Kyle is a prisoner in the infirmary which he is less than thrilled about and I'm certain regretting every moment taking this undercover job. Winger can't get in touch with her superiors and realizing what that means, deduces that the Navy is going to cut their losses and kill everything on the island. On the bright side, you don't have to worry about Narvik-C anymore - we'll do it for you. You're welcome Ilaria! But there's a secret weapon on the island Dr. Alan Genius Farragut. Using nothing but red tree sap, a flashlight and three Q-tips, he'll synthesize a cure then somehow contact the Navy to negotiate. Weren't...weren't you listening when Winger said comms were down?

Peter goes to visit Kyle, commiserating that he's just had the most rotten luck on the island - beaten, kidnapped, illness...though in fairness he did the last one to himself but it's not your fault. You know whose fault it is? Alan's. It's always Alan's fault. Now, I'll just loosen your bonds a bit so you're more...comfortable. Yes, that's it. Now remember Kyle, this is a good secret so don't tell anyone.

Amy's getting prepped to receive the baby when Anne comes to visit her. Hey Mom, you ready to be a grandma and have an immortal daughter? Actually dear, I just came to give you a chance to apologize. You've hurt many people with your selfishness and I hope that someday you'll realize how your actions have destroyed the lives of others. Anne, have you even met your daughter? Nope, nothing. Fine, have it your way Amy; just remember you were given a chance.

In case anyone was wondering, Sergio was not, in fact, an Immortal as he All Dead. Julia and Sarah find him and sorry man but Im'ma take your gun; not like you're going to need it anymore. Alan has a new protege in Soren and postulates that the combination of the bleeding tree sap and Soren's blood will be the key to curing the infected. But will it work on monkey gas?

Kyle is brought dinner and escapes, leaving the guard on the floor. Hi Peter! Uh, what are you doing? Sorry Lieutenant, your path ends here with stabby stab stab stab. Well. That escalated quickly. You know how I like to relax after shivving someone? Baby cuddles. All good leaders do. Now it's Anne's turn. Looks like Landry was watching the whole thing like he wasn't creepy enough before. Back in the infirmary, it seems like it wasn't enough to stab the lieutenant 50 times, he also needed to be disemboweled and strung up. This wasn't a sick Kyle who did this, no, the surgical precision could only be Peter. Peter, Kyle, whoever - shoot to kill.

Anne thanks the dead lieutenant for his sacrifice who would not be gracious seeing that he is, you know, dead. Anne gets a hold of the Navy's Hazmat suits so we know nothing good will come of this. It's time to get pregnant! Just before Amy goes under, she tells Sarah and Julia that if anything happens to her, they'll never find Mother. Seeing that Sarah's about ready to use that scalpel in a non-approved way, I'm thinking she doesn't really care.

Anne looks for Landry and coaxes him out but loses her connection when she suggests that he maybe back off the incestuous stuff with his sister. Nothing shall come between and and the rubber glove! Grrr. Landry Smash! Amy comes to after the surgery and she's got the telltale silver eyes. A success! But no pain after major abdominal surgery? Mm hm. Sure. But Amy's convinced so that's a win in her book.

Alan finds Peter in the halls telling him that Julia wants to see Alan in the botany lab about something to do with Narvik-C. We know it's a set up but still the resentful whining from Peter is on point so Alan believes him. Ah, hubris. Looking for Julia, there's no one there except Kyle. And a noose. And Soren who has transferred his hero-worship to Alan. Giddyap cowboy. Now the taunting begins, why were you here before the outbreak even began Alan?  Moving on to wild accusations of him working for Ilaria! Yo did this to me! Now I shall return the favor by eating your eyes. What is the deal with eyes on this island anyway?

Amy's still admiring her new eyes, wondering why anyone would want to hide them. Because human nature would have you hunted like an animal, that's why. Did you not pay attention in any of your lessons? Jeebus. Julia asks again where Mother is and only under threat of a throat slashing does she fess up that she hid Mother in an old tree stump a football field north of the main gate. Allonsy-y! Run Jules because you're out of time, the Navy is ready to deploy. Soren sneaks out of the botany lab to grab what Alan was working on and stabs Kyle with the kinda-finished cure. Guys, get your Hazmat suits on, it's raining death. Ah, screw it, just run. Peter, being an ass, locks all the doors to the abbey, watching dispassionately as Winger collapses before his eyes. We pitied you before Peter when you were sick with Narvik but this? This was a deliberate choice. You are dead to me.

Amy gloats over being in the gas and pretty much tells Michael 'Nyah nyah! I'm better than you were!' Charming. Meanwhile Soren releases Alan from the noose who assures him that Soren's on the right path. Pretty much the only one in the abbey who is I'd day. Wait, what's this? Amy's succumbing to the gas? Oh ho ho! When she was out they colored her irises, not implanted the fetus. No immortality for you! Julia -1, Amy - dead.

Peter and Anne walk through the resultant carnage and she strokes his ego by telling him that he saved the abbey but his work isn't done yet - you have to finish the job. What job could this be that requires an axe and a not-quite-dead (dammit!) daughter? Hmmm.

Coughing on the gas, Julia races back with Mother's box but alas, Mother was outside and therefore is now dead. This will certainly put a crimp in Julia's plans, especially seeing as how someone has dragged off a Mostly Dead Amy. Oh Peter, you couldn't even decapitate an incapacitated person. I don't know what Anne sees in you other than as a figurehead.

So: Amy's mostly dead, Alan is on track for a mycosis cure, all of Julia's scheming came to nothing and Peter? He needs to head back to the oubliette. Two more episodes are left in this season so join us on Syfy next Friday, April 3 at 10 p.m. EST for 'The Ascendant' when Team Abbey goes against Team CDC. There can be only one.