'Helix' Recap: 'Vade In Pace'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Last time Michael did some house cleaning, Sarah's un-pregnant and Anne joined Peter for some bonding time. Let's do this.

Peter, Kyle, and Anne try to get into the dining hall but they're too late; the purification has taken place. You know who also needs purifying? The CDC. Get on that Landry but first bring me Dr. Jordan who is giving Alan the silent treatment. Huh, being shut out isn't so great when you're on the receiving end of it, is it Alan? She's convinced their baby is still alive and somewhere? Erm, okay. Sure Sarah. We'll go with that.

Jules! We missed you last week; she's looking for Michael in the deserted and decrepit abbey. It's empty but for some strange banging. The chase is on!

You know what Michael needs after a purging? A purging of his own that Amy is ready to accept. And by 'ready to accept' I of course mean 'set him up to be locked away as there will be no planting ritual today or ever.' Sorry Dad. Adolescent fumbling for the win!

Anne is absolutely devastated by the purging. Who will stop him? It's cool; Peter knows people. Sarah and Alan walk into the carnage so now it's a party. What happened? Michael happened so you know what that means: Farragut fight! And here comes the Navy SWAT. Nice timing you guys, if only you'd arrived about 15 minutes earlier. Get your gear, it's time to go as the pathogen is spreading off the island. Well. That escalated quickly. But St. Germain is isolated. Uh, kinda. There's a US Army installation about 40 miles away and wait, bees can fly that far? Forget the bees, how many Dr. Farraguts we got in this place? It's cool though, Alan can help you; Peter is going to work with the remaining abbeyites. How does one get close to a grieving person? By helping bury their dead of course.

Michael's not worried as time is on his side as no matter what you do to me Amy, I will live forever. Good, she's counting on it. Uh, Michael, you may have met your evil match. This is what 500 years of in-breeding leads to; you might want to make a note of that in your journal.

Kyle, listen up, Sarah has something to share with the class - it makes sense that Michael is the father of every child born on the island for the past 500 years, seeing as he's Immortal and all. How does she know this? Do you see her silver eyes? No? Fine, feel me up. Still not convinced? Very well then, I'm feeling a bit peckish - pass the honey.

Sarah didn't want to lie to Kyle because he was very sweet. A terrible secret agent but very sweet. No time for flirting though, it's work time. The same guy who chased Team CDC from the cabin to the abbey five days ago is there. You know, the one who was shot? Wait, it's only been five days? I call shenanigans. Anyway, he was in mycosis but not dead. The game is afoot; to the autopsy table! No sayeth the Lt. Commander; it's time to get the hell off this island. Meanwhile Amy's Army escorts Michael to his favorite place - the oubliette. It really needs co-starring credit this season. She's going to seal him in. My God Amy, where did you learn this evilness from? From you Dad, all right? She learned it from watching you!

Three guesses on what Julia found to be the source of the banging and the first two don't count.  Do Immortals suffer from body odor? Looks like Julia will find out.

Sarah sees Amy and wants to know where Michael is. You don't need him; he's no longer in charge. Wow, every teenager's dream come true. Well, my baby seems to have been forcibly removed from my uterus; any chance of helping me find it? Kyle and Alan go to work on the mycotic but rather than opening him up, they go right for the stomach. Probably because Kyle is still hung up on the whole 'Immortal' thing. Dude, it all ties back to Ilaria in one way or another; you'll get used to it. They discover a pit in his stomach and sap in his teeth when Commander Winger bursts in looking for answers. Well, we found this seed in his stomach which means that it's tree sap and since he lived with the mycotoxin it clearly treats it. Somewhat. There's a potential treatment here so we can't leave yet. Oh look, yet another pissing contest between Peter and Alan and when Alan walks out, so does Sarah. Jeebus people; is it any wonder Peter has such a raging inferiority complex?

How does one celebrate patricide? Office redecoration of course. Anne goes to talk to her and discovers that she's no longer needed as Amy is kind of holding a grudge about her sister-mother pimping her out to her father. She doesn't just want to be Michael, she wants more. Anne, this is why you need to be present in your kid's life.

Zombie Michael is released! Julia's looking for a child with the key to cure the disease that's killing the Immortals by using the stem cells and Michael can show her where it is. Uh, Jules? He's been sealed in an oubliette for 30 years. Perhaps to not be trusting him so completely...? And she doesn't listen as they head to a cliff where to the surprise of no one, Michael pushes her off. Julia and Kyle should form a unit: The World's Worst Agents. His gloating is short-lived as Caleb arrives wielding Hatake's katana and takes a bit off the top. How many times has Caleb saved Julia now? She's got a helluva debt to him.

Sarah wants answers: all right Amy, where is my baby seeing as you gave me a forcible abortion. No, it wasn't an abortion, we simply induced labor. Wait, what? Floating in a secret stasis chamber the fetus is growing away. Your move, Governor. If you want it back, Amy just wants one thing in return: Immortality. NBD. So no, not like Michael at all.

Hi Mom.
Next week on "Helix" the fetal negotiations continue and Operation Collect The Tree Sap gets underway. Tune in to Syfy on Friday March 13 for 'Ectogenesis' at 10 p.m. EST.