'Helix' Recap: 'O Brave New World'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Season finale time folks! As of this writing, no word yet on a Season Three and more shenanigans of the CDC versus those pesky Immortals. Will we find out what's going on with Caleb? Is Amy really dead? Will Peter ever really get to be in charge? What has Alan been doing at the abbey this whole time? It's time to get some answers and ask some new questions. Let's do this.

The cliffhanger from last episode is solved right away: Julia shot Alan and is now patching him up. I don't think you quite get how this works Julia. Kyle, Sarah, Soren, and Sarah's baby go to Plan 9 to get off the island but they're out of options. Only one route is left and Sarah leaves to make a 'deal with the devil.' Amy's not dead, just hideously deformed and really isn't taking it very well but does spectacular at taking it out on Landry. One thing that hasn't been deformed is her supreme selfishness so she goes all-in on revenge. Peter/Eli whom we will now just call 'Peli' for ease, debate their next steps. Anne suggests taking Mother to Ilaria and reaping the benefits. Anne, you don't know Peli very well; he made that leap eons ago. While Sarah looks for the devil, Kyle and Soren make more of the mycosis cure and Kyle plans for their future which features pizza, Playstation, and lots and lots of sleep. No one is in charge of the power anymore so it goes out, giving Soren the opportunity he needs to exact a little revenge of his own in the form of a knife in Peli's leg. Thrust and twist, Soren. Thrust and twist.

Future Jules! She wakes up 30 years later in the same bed where she treated Alan. She's been unconscious for 12 days. She's dying so I think she's entitled to some answers here Caleb. Answer 1: he can read the inscription on Hatake's sword. It's RNA nucleotides describing the  recipe to kill Immortals, DXM-7, but that doesn't make sense to Julia as it was always his mission to increase their numbers, not kill them off. What happened to change his mind? He'll tell you Jules but first, you must tell him the way to San Jose because he was here on the island 30 years ago too. Oh FFS. This again?

Amy and Landry come to see Anne in all thir deformed glory. Anne couldn't admit she was wrong about Michael because that would mean her entire life was lie. Amy calls her a monster and she's not wrong. Years of inbreeding have warped them beyond any hope of redemption. So now, Imma take this baby (does he grow up to be Caleb?) Oh man, Peter is gonna be pissed. Alan and Julia finally actually talk about their competing interests: Julia wants Mother for the sterility properties but as the fungus is spread by bees, how exactly will Ilaria control them? Oh, she didn't consider that. Sarah comes in and is supremely unconcerned that Alan got shot. She'll take the job with Ilaria if Jules can get them off the island. That is a deal with the devil you're making there Sarah. They come back but Alan's gone to destroy Mother. Are you prepared to kill him Julia? It's the only way to stop him as his hatred of Immortals has now become and obsession.

Amy and Landry have the baby but they're not playing house; no, Amy taunts him once more that he is alone and friendless. She sets the baby out as bait and leaves as she knows that Sarah and Julia won't be able to resist a crying baby and the vessels will tear them apart. Stage is set for Revenge: Part the Second. But also called by the crying are the freed vessels, one of whom goes after Sarah's baby. But she appeals to them as a mother and miraculously, they let her and Julia go. Amy is having a really crappy day. Alan makes his way to the council hall and starts pouring gasoline to bring it down and kill Mother when Peli appears and whacks him with a gun-like object. That can't be good for a gunshot wound. Peli's got the upper hand now and finishes setting the gas, taunting Alan about how he never felt part of the family and so has formed a new one. Peace out brother and flicks his Bic, walking away with the case of Mother. Well, to be fair, this is what Alan wanted, though probably not being at the center of the barbecue.

Advantage: Peli

Kyle and Soren are back in the lab and smell the smoke: the Abbey's on fire. And now the coasties show up. Of course. Julia can't find Alan but luckily, Peli lit the way. Amy plots her revenge against Sarah when she's attacked by the vessels. Michael took their teeth but not their brains; they know that Amy took Sarah's baby so in their revenge, they remove teeth too. Welcome, sister. During this, Landry rescues the baby. You kicked him when he was down one too many times Amy. Alas. Jules finds Alan and saves him. Now they have to find Peli as he has the bag with Mother. Peli discovers that the baby is missing so he goes back for it against Anne's cries. Guess which one of you he cares about more Anne? Peli finds Kyle and Soren and yells at Soren for stabbing him. Really? That's all you're going to do? Kyle ups the ante by punching Peli out. Now lets get the hell out of Dodge. Landry brings the baby out to Anne and returns to the burning abbey, going home. And now we wait for Jules.

Again Caleb asks, 'Do you know the way to San Jose?' And Jules finally gets it. It's the story of her wedding to Alan. Who are you Caleb? He removes his eye and it's Soren, all grown up. Poor Soren, guess he never got that pizza after all.

'Eye-d' do anything to help you.
Evacuated to he mainland, Alan's escorted by Jules and Sarah to the operating room. Also there are Kyle and Soren. Huh, maybe he did get the pizza but how'd he end up back on the island? They deliver the cure named 'Olivia' to the doctors so another crisis is averted. Yes, it works. Kyle has already staked his life on it. In yet another room and Peter, Anne, the baby, and....coq au vin Claire from Ilaria.

Look, a happy double-crossing family.
Peli delivered Mother to Ilaria and graciously includes Jules as being instrumental in the recovery of it. Very big of you Peli. When Jules asks Claire about the Narvik-C that was due to be released, Claire remembers nothing about it. Uh huh. Kyle's handler asks if he got the evidence to arrest Dr. Farragut and Kyle gives the safe deposit box number..which results in Peli being locked up. Anne panics but he's unconcerned. Meanwhile, Sarah is waiting for news; is it about Alan or her baby? At any rate, the news is grim. She goes into Alan's room and locks the door.

A dying Jules finally gets some answers: after Ilaria releases the sterility virus in produce, Alan and Hatake came up with the virus to kill Immortals and also a cure. Soren's blood. Alan always did say that his blood was special so he hid him back on the island. He offers his blood to Jules to cure her but the thing about time is that the more you have, the more you want. If immortality is the plague then there is only one cure. She only wishes she could see Alan one more time.

Alan comes to, calling for Jules or Sarah. He stumbles to bathroom and unwraps his bandages to see silver eyes looking back at him. Well played Sarah; by using her baby's stem cells, she saved him by turning him into what he hates most: an Immortal. Game, set, match to Sarah.

In 2029 a commercial for Ilaria foods plays in a waiting room, touting their commitment to safe, natural, quality foods where 'natural' of course means 'causing of sterility.' The waiting room is a fertility clinic as no one understands why they can't get pregnant. Nicole Wilson is called back, wanting to start a family. She's all in and understands that it's a nine-month commitment so goes to see the doctor in a giant room with thousands of fetuses and upscale vessels. I guess they get to keep their teeth now. The doctor? Sarah.

Any YOU get a fetus and YOU get a fetus and YOU...

So there we have it, the end of Season Two. It's been a wild and crazy ride, jumping across timelines and finally getting some answers about Ilaria and the Immortals but also new questions: Where is Alan now? What happened to Peli? Is Sarah heading up the fertility clinic because her baby dies? And perhaps most importantly, can the CDC go anywhere without burning the place to the ground?

Thanks for following along this season and remember, #RenewHelix.