'Torchwood' Set to Return This Fall

The final season of "Torchwood" aired in 2011, and fans of the "Doctor Who" spin-off have been awaiting a revival of the series ever since. Well now, you'll get the chance to learn what the gang have been up to for the last four years, as Captain Jack Harkness will be donning his suspenders and saving the world once again in the upcoming series of audio plays from Big Finish.

"Torchwood has been to the moon, and America, and the Himalayas, but now I think it's finally coming home, to the brilliance of Big Finish," show creator Russell T Davies, said of the audio dramas.

Each episode in the six episode series will focus on a different member of the team and the repercussions that a mysterious incident has on them, eventually reuniting the whole team for future stories. The first episode will center around Captain Jack, with John Barrowman returning to the role.

As of now, no other cast members have announced their participation in the audio series; but after years of championing the shows return, it won't be too long before official cast announcements are made.

"The Conspiracy," the first episode in the series, is set for a September 2015 release and is available for pre-order.

-Nowal Massari