'Defiance' Recap: 'Broken Bough'

The art of alien seduction. All photos courtesy of Syfy.

After the blood-bath that was last week, will we get a bit of a break with the carnage? Well, except for Pilar; I don't mind if she dies. If she hadn't kidnapped Christie and Alak, Christie and Quentin would undoubtedly still be alive. But family first yo, right? Let's do this.

So the novelization of Irisa's life is going to be a thread throughout this season and Nolan aces Dad 101 by performing a dramatic reading from it to Irisa. You can pretty much expect nothing for Father's Day this year Nolan. Knock if off you guys, we've got company at the stasis nets. Eh, it's just the wayward Tarrs. Can we shoot them now? Only after Doc fixes up Datak. Sure, she'll be delighted, you know, after you skinned her and all last week. You better continue to sleep with one eye open for the rest of your life Nolan. We know you left with Rafe McCawley, where is he? Dead. They're all dead. The VC massacred them. And kill the waterworks in 3...2...1.... Nolan's on the hunt but Amanda just wants his ass (and assorted other parts) back in one piece. Think he can count on Irisa to not have her weapon 'jam' again? Place your bets now.

Welcome home Stahma and Datak! Can I interest you in a bath? Well, after the servant finishes using it first of course. Don't tell her anything! Excuse me Stahma, but Datak is a criminal mastermind after all; I'm sure he knows who is trustworthy. Have it your way Datak, Stahma will just watch your struggle to get into the tub and make liberal use of her orgazmo beads. Meanwhile, Nolan and Irisa track the VC camp and get jumped. Irisa's too panicked to do anything but Pilar to the rescue! Wait, what? Come with her if you want to live. Ah, no thanks; I'll take my chances with the Hellbugs.

As part of their spy activities, Stahma has to set up a communications net with Tak and Datak is micromanaging the process which she takes very well. Poor Alak just lost his wife, his son's been kidnapped by his crazy mother-in-law and now he's Tak's hostage in forcing Stahma and Datak to spy on Defiance. Kid's gonna need a whole lotta therapy after this. Well they got the communications relay working but the lawkeeper is on his way; what do you know about him? His name is Joshua Nolan and he's a badass. A sexy, sexy badass. Tak knows of him so this could get very interesting indeed.

Pilar takes Nolan and Irisa back to her cabin in an act of either brilliance or hubris; not sure which yet. So what are Ark hunters doing in the ass-end of nowhere? Looking for a VC camp. As you do. You're a little, erm, old, to have a baby. Oh him? I just found him. Call him 'Bear'. Road trip to Defiance? Sure, have a gun. Good lord Nolan, you have lost your damn mind.

Datak attempts to sneak into the armory and fails spectacularly as Berlin finds him taking weapons. C'mon, I saved your life in the camp, you look the other way or nah? Nah it is. This seems sloppy, even for Datak, criminal mastermind or no.

Stay back, Grandma. I got this.
Pilar tries to hijack the roller but Nolan isn't completely stupid, all appearances to the contrary. She had on Rafe's boots and was accompanied by a half-Casti baby...nice to finally meet you, Pilar. C'mon man, I've lost my whole family, don't cuff me! And whose fault is that, Pilar? Wow, we're just PTSD-ing all over the place tonight. Irisa takes baby Luke-Bear and Nolan, the inability to fire a weapon does not a babysitter make. The more you know. Datak spent the night in the clink and Amanda's Side Braid of Justice is out for blood. Did you guys think she was ever actually over Kenya's death? Oh ho ho! The only thing that might keep your hide in one piece is swearing to protect Defiance. See, that's a bit awkward as he's already sworn to take it down. Because Datak is a survivor, he'll swear anything, after the first ten double-crosses, what's one more? I don't think even he knows what side he's on. There's one problem though, there is something in the weapons that you aren't going to get that looks a bit hungry. I'm sure it's nothing.  Remember our new purple friends, the Omec? T'evgin has discovered the glorious Earth tradition of yard sales and is quite puzzled by the bounty there. He's got a 20-foot buffer but that doesn't stop Stahma from initiating Operation: Seduction proving definitively that it doesn't matter if men are purple, red, or white, they're all the same when beautiful assassins recite Omec poetry. Better step up your game Datak; once you go Omec you never go back.

Suddenly Nolan and Irisa are at the VC camp with Luke in tow and really? Who brings an infant to a high-stakes infiltration? I guess if the other option is his sociopathic grandmother, you choose the lesser of two evils. Irisa of the Babysitter's Club sneaks in to blow it up when out of nowhere Pilar attacks Nolan the Sniper, thereby alerting every person in the camp. You...you didn't think to check her for weapons Nolan? Have you learned nothing by being a Lawkeeper? Anyway, she taunts Nolan that he won't shoot her but she's talking to the wrong member of the Dysfunctional Duo. Good news Pilar, you get to join the rest of your family! The bad news is that Tak has Irisa but Nolan goes American Sniper on the guards, leaving only Tak for Irisa to deal with. No biggie but...she chokes and the would-be Butcher of Tulsa lives to threaten another day. You will come to regret this decision hon. Using plan 'Mississippi Tuesday', they blow up the camp but they didn't rescue Alak so only partial credit. Get to the choppah, er, roller and GTFO! I believe Tak is swearing vengeance right about now. I'd settle for him actually washing his dreds.

If I'm going to choke, so will you.
Irisa and Nolan bring Luke to the Tarrs and she has a hard time giving him up to his slightly less insane grandparents but judging by the look of loss and longing she gives the baby, I'm thinking she's not far from adding 'baby-napper' to her CV. Is Pilar actually dead? Well, until you see the body, it's safest to assume no but that will be irrelevant once the Beastly Almost-Butcher of Tulsa arrives. You choked kiddo and as such are an unreliable partner. You know what this town needs? A good psychiatrist and a whole lot of lithium.

Even though Tak got his butt handed to him, he does get some good news: the Tarrs were able to literally bug the entire armory of Defiance with the shrill Datak planted prior to his capture by Berlin and now there is no stopping him. Oh, just one more thing: Stahma, Datak? Bring down the Arch. Alak's radio station? Oh hell no Tak. This might be the only thing that makes Alak man up. It. Is. On.

Next week Tak makes his demands known and Stahma continues to seduce T'evgin. Will Alak ever be anything but weak and useless? Can Irisa find her edge? And will someone actually feed the baby? Tune in June 26 at 9 EST for 'Dead Air' only on Syfy.