'Defiance' Recap: 'The Beauty of Our Weapons'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Looks like we're finally going to get that war Rahm Tak has been yakking about. Will anyone remember to check on Amanda? Will the injury to Stahma force T'evgin's hand? Will the Tarrs ever be a happy family again? Let's do this.

Amanda has a helluva headache and is recounting Datak's crimes to the council. The hatred she has for him and Stahma is so deep, it's like flames on the sides of her face. High treason tends to do that to a person. Her vote is for conviction and we are all shocked by this pronouncement. Even with Doc Yewll on the council, the vote is unanimous. I guess that having to live in the town outweighs any lingering resentment of the whole 'skinning alive' thing. You may make a brief statement to the council if you wish so of course he goes the insult route. Don't ever change, Datak.

You know what can't stop for the wheels of war? Commerce. Specifically the weapons dealing kind. Conrad Von Bach, erstwhile arms dealer and Berlin ex rolls into town looking for deals. Unfortunately for him, Berlin finds him first and is less than pleased that he sold weapons to the VC. The only way his hide is remaining intact is if he brought weapons for them too. Of course, you only have to have them voice-keyed to me and the code word 'Aloe Vera' to make them work. Nolan's impressed with the selection but let's cut to the chase: what's the bottom line? Game face time Amanda and Von Bach opens with....zero. A gift, if you will but only if Berlin has a drink with me. Done. Wait, what?

It's because I didn't bring chainsaws, isn't it?
In the woods, Tak's second in command is getting an upgrade. An Indogene? Hm. T'evgin came down on Team Stahma and healed her, further inciting Kindzi's jealousy. If you're going to call someone a whore dear, make sure they don't speak your language first. Speaking of uncomfortable, Berlin and Conrad have that drink in the Need/Want. What is he really doing here? Apparently he went from black sheep of the family to disinherited, preferably dead black sheep. That's quite an accomplishment. So why did you leave? Berlin came home from her tour of duty to find him gone and he took the dog. His mother said that he wanted out. The story Conrad got from his mother was that Berlin wanted out. And no one thought to perhaps verify this first? I sentence thee to Relationships: 101. But that's in the past, in the more recent past there was Tommy who was gentle, kind, and had a great ass. But he's dead now. Wanna go upstairs?

I know where you can get some aloe very for that skin problem.
Half of the town is leaving, the other half preparing to fight against Rahm Tak and the VC. Oddly enough, the majority of the militia appears to be Votan. Way to have other fight your battles for you humans. There are some good shots in the crowd but while Introduction to Lethal Weapons is in session, the advance strike force is burrowing their way to Defiance, bypassing that pesky stasis net altogether.

When you have to show improvement in a short about of time you need a montage. (Montage!) Nolan, we see that your daughter isn't here; why is it okay for us to sacrifice our children but not you? Hello? PTSD anyone? A lot of people think that the VC is a human problem, not ours. Imma take my kid and go home.

Alak visits Datak after basic training. You helped Tak, bringing him here to my half human child whom he will murder so no, I will not bring Luke to see you. Datak failed to realize that Alak would have been okay with dying as not only would he have been reunited with Christie, his death would have had meaning. And that, more than anything else, finally gets through Datak's thick skull. Okay son, would you do this sacred favor for me?  Oh you have got to be kidding. No, I'd really rather die by shaming rack than human hanging. So you are asking to be drawn and quartered as opposed to a quick hanging?  It's the only thing that will remove the stain from his immortal soul. Or he could try Oxi-Clean. Just saying. But seriously, what's his angle? Does he think his fellow Castithans will rise up and free him? Or is this a new, changed Datak...for the next 48 hours?

Sad terrorist is sad.
For the good of the town, Nolan does the one thing he wanted to avoid at all costs: he asks Irisa to fight. It's the only way to gain cooperation from the citizens. She doesn't want to, Nolan doesn't want her to but after confessing they are scared, they seem to have a breakthrough and reach a new understanding of each other and OMG, the feels. The one who is not feeling the love right now is Stahma who has been left alone with Kindzi and is awoken by a tongue bath. T'evgin's arrogance will be the death of Stahma. What are you going to do if she disobeys you, T'evgin? Take away her Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator? At any rate, Kindzi threatens Stahma most exquisitely and she finally knows real fear as according to Kindzi, it's a great honor to devour one's father's whore. Do you expect me to talk? No, you Casti slut, I expect you to die. T'evgin, however, does not and is very put out with Kindzi and this will not serve to endear Stahma to her. Hey Stahma, remember Datak? Your husband? The one on death row? Okay, just checking. Carry on then.

I wasn't aware that the 'guns-for-nookie' deal went beyond just the one but Berlin visits Conrad with hair down (?!) to find on an old movie. You go with your bad self Big C! He wants to take you away from all of this Berlin; wouldn't it be nice to start again, without my interfering and conniving 'mother'?  Conrad, you smooth talker you. Amanda got Alak's message about Datak's torture request and she asks what's on all of our minds: what's in it for you? Can't it be about making amends in some small way? No, Datak, not with you but in any case, your request is granted. Dude, unless you can pull some sort of anti-VC weapon out of your butt, there is no way you're getting out of here alive. The town's demise is imminent; this calls for a drink! Berlin isn't drinking so the Braidmance might be on the rocks. Proceed carefully Berlin; you do not want to upset the Side Braid. He's offered to take me away from all of the fighting and killing and...I want to go. I'm tired of being afraid all of the time. This isn't exactly a cakewalk for Amanda either hon, but you don't see her running away. Her mind is made up; she's outta here. I guess Purple Enchanter Penis isn't the only magic member in town. Amanda has had a really rough few days; it might be more than the Side Braid (and Scotch) can handle.

Berlin goes to take her leave and very coolly Nolan informs her that Defiance thanks her for her service. She is no longer seen. Who is seen is Irisa, reporting for duty. Let's lock and load kiddo. The sight of Irisa holding and shooting a gun is enough to bring the rest of the sulkers back to the fold. Practice goes well until she sees herself shooting Tommy again and him dying in her arms. She breaks down and the ever-pragmatic Nolan uses this as a teachable moment for the onlookers and delivers a rousing inspirational speech. Go team, Rah Rah Defiance and all that. Watching from the sidelines, Berlin looks almost ready to reconsider but nah.

Side Braid and War Braid - an unbeatable combination.
We can't execute anyone unless they are healthy enough to die so Doc Yewll gives Datak a clean bill of health-death. She's gonna miss that psycho albino bastard but she had to convict as really, she has to live with these people. Off to the shaming rack! Datak puts a brave face on it, trying to rally the Castis with a chant of 'Defiance' but there's no one biting. Some things just can't be forgiven Datak. Executioners, prepare your rocks. This was your choice Datak but when Alak appears with Luke, telling his son that his grandfather was deeply flawed but not without honor, Datak can find the peace he was seeking. Aw, baby's first execution. How cute. Someone take a picture for his baby book, okay?

Walk of Shame.
Folks, I'm glad you've solved the Datak issue but you might want to check the basement for intruders. Too late, they're already here. Perhaps the next iteration of the stasis net will extend underground? T'evgin decides to head out on an errand, leaving Stahma in Kindzi's tender care. Of the two of them, who is more displeased by this arrangement? We have never seen Stahma this powerless and scared and frankly it's uncomfortable. It's about to become even more so as Kindzi force-feeds her the blue pill, revealing the waiting Omec above. T'evgin, you are going to have to do something about your daughter/employee/lover/vampire. You can't trust teenagers to keep that sort of world-domination secret.
Oh crap.
So this week was just the feint; next week the fight comes to Defiance for real, we find out if this is Datak's curtain call and T'evgin finally gets fed in true Purple People Eater fashion. Head to Syfy next Friday, July 24 at 8 p.m. ET for 'My Name Is Datak Tarr And I Have Come To Kill You.'