'Defiance' Recap: 'Where the Apples Fell'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Last time Nolan and Irisa were discovered to be forever bound to each other by the remaining ark-tech in their brains, negating the whole 'give each other some space' plan, Alak freed himself from Rahm Tak's camp then proceeded to hold Stahma at knifepoint because oh yeah, you killed his wife, and T'evgin's resistance to Kindzi's plan to use Doc Yewll's bionetwork is surely the work of that sweet, sweet Castithan chivo. Y'all ready? Let's do this.

 For all of his grumbling about the Enchanted Purple Penis, Datak was very much not amused to find Alak holding a knife to Stahma's throat. Advantage: Datak. Not to be outdone, Stahma joins in the fighting fun, telling Alak that he's nothing but a spoiled brat and she did what she did to protect his son. Who, oh yeah, is there and fine and Alak cares about nothing else at this point. Maid Andina ran to Nolan during the fight and the whole ugly truth comes out courtesy of Alak: Datak and Stahma are spies for Rahm Tak and they blew up the Arch. We have runners!

All out of effs to give about his parents.
Town-wide manhunt gets underway for the Tarrs. Why? Well they'll have information about Tak's plans which might be the only key to stopping him. Folks, this isn't about revenge; it's about protecting their town. Once we do that, then it can be about revenge. And remember, stay with your buddy! Amanda notices that Berlin reacts to Alak's description of the arms dealer who visited Tak. Turns out it is her ex, Conrad Von Bach and that will surely never come into play again except that maybe we can make a deal with him. That we can't afford but he doesn't need to know that. Berlin looks thrilled by this plan. Navigating relationships is hard enough without bringing black market weapons into the mix.

Irisa, you watch the Tarr's house in case they double back there plus you get to babysit. Everyone wins!  As the search parties get underway, Datak and Stahma plan their next move disguised under hella ugly ponchos. Stahma wants to go back for Luke but Datak as the voice of reason (!) points out that the child belongs with his father and we're escaping, remember? He reassures her that he'll protect her always. Just rendezvous at the car. Aw, after all that, her really does love her. But does she return the sentiment? History tells us 'no.'

And now, we 'ride'...
Tak gives his army the pep talk. Man, someone has an axe to grind against the 'pink meats.' They're properly riled up but wait, someone approaches. Then the poster child for short attention span roars, "We ride for Defiance!" In a few days. My god, will the man ever just make his move? He's always preparing. Stop preparing. Just go. And our mystery guest is an Irathient. Who also happens to be Tak's wife. Hope you like David Bowie hon. Over at Mission: Not A Chance In The World, Nolan and Alak visit the Omec who are apparently engaged in some sort of Omecian ritual that requires what might be Castithan bathing beads. It's very simple: you have the scanning technology, we want to use it. T'evgin declines to get involved and Nolan arrives at the truth: the Omec are stranded and weak. Maybe Nolan can use the all-powerful Purple Enchanter Penis. Alak confirms that Stahma had been there which annoys the bejesus out of Kindzi and I really don't want to think about what that means. Get over it Kindzi; the commander will sex up anyone he wants but for the time being, keep it on the down low.

We feel your pain Alak.
Stahma raids a secret weapons stash when she gets caught. In true Stahma fashion, she blames Datak before killing the deputy, who, I might add, did not have his buddy with him. Some day y'all will stop underestimating her. Over at Camp Humans Have Cooties But I Love Their Culture, Tak and his wife vigorously reunite. She's from the Votan government who - surprise, surprise - don't approve of Tak's plan for wiping out all of the humans to stop another war before it can start. Okay, in a really effed up way, it kind of makes sense in the abstract but did time travel to stop Hitler ever work? No. No it did not. She wants him to stop, for himself and their sons. He'll think about it while surrounded by the rotting heads of those he's killed. Enjoy your sexy times, methinks it might be your last.

From her birds-eye view, Berlin sees furtive movements because Datak is very stealthy. Doc Yewll is extremely popular this season but at least Datak just needs a ride out of town and not the actual skin off her back. She'll help him but she'll stay where she is - the Side Braid of Justice has magic powers of persuasion after all.

Kindzi's not jealous, just disappointed in T'evgin. I guess she views his dalliance with Stahma as a kind of bestiality-type thing. So not only was T'evgin honest with her as a child about the fate of their planet, he's also sleeping with her and I think that my brain just short-circuited. She did seem to be eyeing Alak up a bit though. Hey! Maybe the four of them can take a ritual bath together. Datak quizzes Yewll on how she'll get out of town. Oh, you know, the old 'pandemic and I'm the only one who can stop it' bit. With Stahma located, they go for the pick up but lawkeepers in your mirror may be closer than they appear. Datak makes the decision to run in order to give Stahma a chance to escape. Which she doesn't do because reasons and now I actually like Datak better. Huh. Didn't see that one coming.

We're really good at our jobs. Except when we're not.
With Datak in jail, Nolan and Alak question him about Tak's plans. The story of them being prisoners and wanting to save their son makes perfect sense but crossing the line into terrorist acts, well, that can't be forgiven. He'll get his answers any way he can and if means shooting Alak then by God he'll do just that. Man has Alak had a hard year. Completely unhinged, Datak begs for Alak's life, insisting that he knows nothing more about Tak's plan. Do you believe him? Yeah, I do. Oh...oh! It was an act. That was really well done. Even Datak gives the slow clap.

Alak goes back home and finds Irisa with Luke-Bear. Momentarily worried that Andina is gone, he's reassured when he sees how calm the baby is with Irisa and her cloud animals. And just like that, the twitterverse ships 'Alisa.' Oooh, Andina isn't going to like this at all. Amanda returns to her office to find Stahma waiting for her, demanding to be driven out of Defiance to safety. Just her, no one else. Is Stahma the ultimate survivor or sociopath in angel's clothing? Discuss. Seeing that Stahma has possession of a deputy's gun makes the gloves come off. You're a terrorist and a terrible mother and wow does the truth hurt. But not as much as Amanda's head after being slammed into a table. Stahma chose not to kill her in the Arch just like she's choosing not to kill her now and she staggers away, letter opener stuck in her side. You could go to Yewll's clinic but she won't be there seeing as she's still waiting for your ungrateful butt by the car.

Casti chivo vs Side Braid of Justice: there can be only one.
Alak and Nolan bond over drinks at the Need/Want with Alak bemoaning his parenting skills and wanting to be like Nolan. Uh, no Alak. No you do not. He still hasn't properly grieved Christie and the kid is hurting big time. A good therapist could make a killing in this town. Just saying.

Back at Tak's tent, his guards are debating checking on their leader. Good call not to as he's begging his now-dead wife for forgiveness. Pretty sure your sons will like that even less Tak. He's losing touch with what's important. Like sanity. But he pulls himself together to drag her body out of the tent, spinning the tale that she was a spy and an assassin. To the town! But first, coffee. Um, Squirrel!

Nolan and Datak hang out together in the Lawkeeper's office as Datak asks for more salt for his meal. Don't do it Nolan! We all remember the great salt escape from Season One. He makes the good point that he does for his son as Nolan does for his daughter, the only real difference is that Nolan has a badge and Datak was a crime lord but other than that, totes the same. Not to interrupt male bonding time but is anyone going to check on Amanda? No? All right then. Stahma made her way to the only place she could think of - the Omec compound. Okay T'evgin, now's the time to choose a side: help her and Kindzi knows it's more than just an entertaining dalliance; don't help her and incur the wrath of Stahma's legions of fans. What's it going to be?

Can those fuel cells fill any slower?
Next week Tak is (finally!) ready to make his move (it's about damn time) and Nolan calls to arms the town with the inspiring cry that the strong have always protected the weak. For Defiance! Tune in at 8 p.m. ET on Syfy next Friday, July 17 for 'The Beauty of Our Weapons.'