New Official Extended Trailer Released For 'Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!'

There's a brand spanking new official extended trailer for "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!" and it's truly a delight. The third nado is coming to Syfy on July 22 at 9 p.m. ET and we're certain this peek will get you excited for the Internet to be broken once again.

Will this Sharknado be one that Steve Sanders...I mean, Fin, won't be able to save the Feast Coast from? Probably not. He's amazing. In addition to Ian Ziering, the Asylum production stars Tara Reid, Frankie Muniz, Bo Derek and David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff. There are also cameos galore so get your scorecard ready.

Check out the trailer and let us know if you'll be tuning in on the 22nd and blowing up your social media feeds.

When Fin and April go to Florida for the summer vacation, strong winds and lots of rain comes to Florida and a Sharknado comes and destroys Florida. The Sharknado goes to Washington D.C. and sharks falling from the sky. It's up to Fin and April to stop the Sharknado the third time. The sharks take bite out of the East Coast when the sharknado hits Washington, D.C. and Orlando, Florida.

-Larissa Mrykalo