'Defiance' Recap: 'The Awakening'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Holy shtako, y'all!  We're barreling towards the season finale and the Dread Harvest is nigh. Let's do this.

Take care of yourselves, Defiance as you do not want to be treated by Doc Yewll right now since that will most likely make you end up in a cage to be eaten by Omec. Like Datak but rather that crying about it, he's trying to find a way out. Doc can't help you though man; she's engineered for slavery. The Tarrs' reunion was short-lived as Stahma has lost Datak again, leading her to seek help from Nolan et al. Yeah, Kindzi probably has your husband because T'evgin is dead and she blames you and your not-so-magic chivo. Can we talk about this later? There are bigger problems right now. Like Omec sleep-pods landing on earth and with T'evgin gone, leadership falls to the very stable Kindzi. Thanks for finally contributing something useful Stahma, albeit a mite too late.

In a shout-out to "Jurassic Park", Doc leaves an Irathient woman chained in the woods for the awakening Omec as sort of a 'We Welcome Our Cannibalistic Overlords' gift. She hates herself and what she's being compelled to do but can't not follow orders. The Omec are a bit confused as to why T'evgin isn't there. Well, he was murdered. You're not wrong, Kindzi. But not to worry, she's on he vengeance committee. Does she have a flow chart to keep all of these lies straight? At any rate, she's the All-Mother now and you will respect her authoritah! Nolan draws bead on her and even a head shot isn't enough to put her down. Looks like that heart-eating ritual imparted his strength after all. Plus, she didn't have to share. She gives good licking and keeps on ticking. Um, Nolan? Irisa? You might want to start running now.

Kindzi pulls the bullets out of her body and we grudgingly admire her for it but the advance force is really questioning her suitability to lead. As well you should boys. Back in Defiance we need to start planning and every good plan starts with Scotch which will go well with the whole 'once an Omec commander dies, his children eat his vital organs and gain his strength' revelation. Delightful! Plus the missing citizens have been tied to Doc Yewll. Now it's a party.

I laugh at your puny head shots.
Datak diligently tries to free himself and Samir will not shut up about having faith that Nolan will save him. Again. Hunting for the missing people, Berlin is really regretting her decision to return to Defiance, Side Braid be damned. Irisa is still Team Talk It Out which Berlin is down with only is she learns how to say 'Please don't eat me' in Omec. Sorry Irisa, I'm with Berlin on this one. It's time for elevensies so Doc is charged with escorting the Omec to the cages to select their meals, subtly (or not) standing in front of Datak and Samir to block them from view. Sadly, Datak can't keep his mouth shut but you do you man. He does have an excellent point that this is not about meat, it's about revenge against the Votanis Collective for destroying the Omec homeworld but did you think about unchecked hunger? You're going to run out of food with that attitude there Missy. While you raise good points Datak, you pretty much only succeeded in guaranteeing that Kindzi would hunt Stahma down. Kindzi or Datak? Place your bets now.

Searching for Doc Yewll, Amanda caves to the guilt that she feels for welcoming the Omec. By urging tolerance, she feels she doomed them all. Considering that the other option was wholesale slaughter by Rahm Tak, I'm not sure there was ever a 'right' choice to make Amanda but know this: as long as you're in charge, this town has heart. Aw, Nolan. that was actually a really sweet pep talk and even better make out session. You're getting better at this! The long sleep has the Omec's appetites rivaling those of Hobbits so next on the menu is a human. Datak's over the waiting however and needles Doc to the point of her taking him out. Because Indogenes are an engineered race, no one likes them or even trusts them much. This explains so much about Yewll. Okay Datak, you got what you wanted - so what's the plan? Because of course you have a plan.

Imminent slaughter is the best aphrodisiac.
It's a dance party with Luke and Alak but who should arrive to kill the mood but Andina and Stahma. Girl, your liro hasn't changed yet so slow your roll. I know you hate me right now Alak but your father is missing. Not sure that he could care any less about that Stahma. Oh, and while we're on the subject, if you hadn't slept with T'evgin, his daughter wouldn't be after you and you wouldn't have have blazed her a trail straight to my door! Stahma can't keep her hands off of Luke's Bla Bla doll but while she's seeking comfort in a child's stuffed animal, Datak has gotten Yewll to take him out of his cage where he went full 'Wolverine' on the Omec red-shirts, complete with claws spiking out of his bionic hand. This is Datak's world; we're just living in it.

Doc loads up the growling injured Omec to treat him for healing when she's stopped by Nolan and Amanda, clearly concerned that her business has dropped off. The heavy metal music can't cover the growls from the back of the roller and when Nolan investigates, Doc tases him. Great plan Doc, except there are two of them and the Side Braid is done with it. She traps Doc and pulls the control stem out of her head. This is why you need female leaders; they notice things that don't belong. Like black knobs sticking out of people's heads. Reveling in the blissful freedom, Doc unloads on the Omec until he is dead. Looks like Mama got her groove back. Check your six Kindzi, you're next.

Stahma is still trying to get Alak and Luke away from danger when he decides that nope. Nopity nope nope nope. We're going to have it out Right. Now. All of his resentment pours out about what he was forced to do as a child, always trying to figure out Stahma's angle and is conflicted by his love for his mother and her manipulations, privilege be damned. You know what, Mom? Just leave. I cannot even with you right now. She leaves in tears, he's feeling guilty so naturally asks Andina what to do. And in true Castithan opportunistic fashion advocates forgetting about Stahma. Manipulation level: Advanced. Clinging to his belief that Nolan will rescue him (again), Samir is dragged into the 'play yard' for a game of 'Eviscerate the Vet and Feast on His Entrails'. He prays *loudly* to St. Nolan the Butcher and lo, he appears, along with the rest of the cavalry. Hm, Father Gabriel from "The Walking Dead" has the same luck too. Just saying. Samir's gone bye-bye Doc, where have you gone?

I'll have what he's having.
Doc looks over the dead Omec; none are Kindzi but did we really think it was going to be that easy? She's consumed with guilt about what she did under Kindzi's control and while Nolan understands, he tells her to suck it up because this is war, Yewll! Incoming Omec pods y'all. Saddle up. Andina makes her move to put in a claim on Alak and responds because he's male but it's still too soon. Saved by the bell! Or not, as it's Kindzi dragging a beaten Stahma into the house to fulfill her promise to make Stahma suffer through her family. Of course, Luke chooses that moment to cry, garnering Kindzi's interest and turning Andina into a Pez dispenser. Someone forgot to tell Alak that this Omec can't be killed by a gun as he is knocked out cold in the fight over Luke once his clip is empty. Is she going to adopt Luke or eat him? The sniffing and growling makes us think 'eat' and we collectively shout 'OH HELL NO!'

If Luke survives, he's gonna hate the color purple.
Guys, this could be it. So far there has been no word on a Season Four so next week's season finale could be the end. It all comes down to this battle versus the Omec. Stock up on your knives and swords as so far that's the only thing we've seen be able to take down an Omec commander. Tune into Syfy on August 28 at 8 ET for 'Upon the March We Fittest Die.'