'Defiance' Recap: 'Ostinato in White'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

In Defiance, when one threat is neutralized, another emerges. Here there be monsters. Let's do this.

Folks running about at night are rarely out for exercise and this is no different  as an Indogene that looks suspiciously like Doc Yewll is tracked then ripped limb from limb. It's not her but it's really weird. Do all Indogenes look alike? Asking for a friend. Amanda eulogizes the fallen soldiers and Nolan is almost incoherent with grief and guilt. He accepts the blame for it but really, you've got bigger things to worry about. Like non-existent stasis nets and no defenses of which to speak.

Thanks to Stahma's all-powerful chivo, T'evgin is now the go-between for her and Alak. That will be difficult given that he'll kill her if she comes near him or Luke. Well, this isn't awkward at all. T'evgin brought news of the funeral and Datak's sacrifice to Stahma, telling her that her pardon was part of his condition for doing it. He did it not only to cleanse his honor but for her. I actually prefer Datak to Stahma right now and hate myself very much for it, seeing as she's been hiding with the Omec this whole time while he's off trying to atone for his sins.

Nolan's hurting but trying to do the right thing by returning the kid's gun to Inder who hates his guts so this is going to be a super-fun day. Irisa doesn't understand why but when you're a parent, you'll get it hon. Nolan was right about this not being a good time because it was Stew Tuesday but it was the right thing to do. When you're in charge, you take the good with the bad but Nolan's not handling the 'bad' very well. While Nolan deals with that, Amanda and Irisa come upon the remains of the Indogene victim so they wrap it up and take it to Doc Yewll who is not bothered in the slightest by the jigsaw puzzle body.

Dad's lashing out and Nolan is doing his best to accept it but if there was ever a need for a psychiatrist in this town, now would be the time. Still no takers? You're passing up a veritable gold mine here folks. He's trying his best here but it's just painful. Saved by the hailer!

Samir the Vet is getting a crash course in Votan biology from Doc and I'll be damned, he's going toe to toe with her. It might be love y'all. But there's something weird as she's sporting her 'surprised' face - according to the DNA scan, it's her on the table. Wait. What? Could it be that Kindzi did not get rid of Doc's source network code like T'evgin commanded her to? Nah, that would never happen.

Irisa and Nolan are in beast hunting mode while T'evgin escorts Stahma home. Oh, now you'll come out and be all brave talking smack about Kindzi. Let us know how that works out for you as blood is thicker than chivo. Shockingly, she's not welcomed back with open arms. Well, except for Andina. She stuck by the family. I'm sure it was out of loyalty and it had nothing to do with Alak being suddenly single. At any rate, his charge disposed of, T'evgin turns his attention to the hunting duo of Irisa and Nolan. Okay, you seem to know what's going on yet refuse to share information or help in any way? That's not suspicious at all.

Stahma returning home doesn't sit well with the homeless but don't worry fellas, this inequality won't be bothering you for long as the beast is on the prowl. Nolan hears the growl but they're too late to do anything so he takes out his frustrations on Rocket Raccoon. You know you've gone off the reservation when Irisa tells you to take some time and get your head on straight. He actually listens though whether this is a good or bad thing is still out for deliberation.

Tending to Stahma, Andina pretty much says that she's glad that Christie is dead as this gives her a chance at Alak who is not living in the Tarr compound but is residing in the McCawley's house. Twist that knife a little more Alak. Andina will help his cause; she informs Stahma that Alak kept his gun with two bullets in it and they both have her name on them. I'm guessing this means that a visit is kind of out of the question right now. Playing both sides of the fence Andina? I hope that you're good girl because you are swimming in shark-infested waters big time.

Back at the clinic, Samir and Doc pretty much confirm that it's a clone and not an evil twin which makes me a bit sad as that would have been awesome. Oooo! What if the real you is on the table there and you are the clone! Dude, seriously? Besides, who would clone you? You mean besides the Omec? Doc's on the hunt and this time, it's personal. Nolan's drinking away the pain, mourning each soldier lost. I don't think that was what Irisa had in mind however. Luckily, Kindzi's there to take away the pain and it just got hella uncomfortable, what with the Omec seducing her drunk prey. This will end badly for everyone but the beast chooses then to make its appearance. Saved by the growl! Hm, it's okay for Daddy T'evgin to get some on the side but the moment Kindzi tries? The saber-vamp is unleashed.

No. Nonononononono.
Nolan's ignoring his hailer when Amanda finds him and she's very disappointed, mostly because she handles the Scotch much better than he does. Time to visit the Omec in their lair. They're not the only ones as Doc sneaks in, looking for answers on the clone. And yup, it was from Kindzi keeping her network even after being told to destroy it. But that's not all! She makes Doc place a neutralizing/tracking device in her own neck then commands her to cut off her own hand.

Advantage: Kindzi
T'evgin arrives just in time to stop it but an  Indogene lapdog and Doc to boot? She is having the worst year ever as Kindzi made her obedient and commands her to tell no one of what she saw so she has to obey. But to Kindzi's dismay, T'evgin wants to do away with the Harvest, changing the course of Omec culture to no longer be above the food chain. Predictably, she rebels but Daddy has had just about enough of her and banishes her to the sleeping pods of the orbiting family. I'm sure this will cause no issues between them at all.

Young lady, you are grounded!
Stahma strolls the marketplace but she's a pariah. Amanda buys her the ink she needs, all the while gloating that Stahma was a sniveling coward while Datak sacrificed himself for the town which still has no protection. You might want to do something about that soon Amanda. After that very satisfying transaction, Amanda takes a hungover Nolan to visit the Omec about the beast where he can't just accept T'evgin's word that the attacks are over and promptly gets his ass kicked for it. We tried to tell you man, don't pick a fight with an Omec.

Having returned to the clinic, Yewll tries to redirect Samir who can plainly see that something is wrong but the poor fool keeps pushing it so Yewll stabs him. Aw, and they made such a cute couple too. Stahma grieves Datak, Kindzi's on space ice and Inder? The prospect of no Stew Tuesday was too great so he hung himself.

She even makes shame and grieving beautiful. I kinda hate her.

So all in all, a bit of a downer episode and it's not going to get better any time soon as Nolan and Irisa have it out, T'evgin gets that hungry gleam in his eye and someone's looking for an alliance. Join us next week at 8 p.m. ET for 'When Twilight Dims the Sky Above' only on Syfy.