'Face Off' Recap: 'Judgement Day'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

Last week, Jasmine found out what happens when you don't listen and follow directions. Who will fall victim to Introduction to Kindergarten this time? Will the rest take note and also not replicate previous looks? Let's do this.

I know that everyone is exhausted from the gauntlet challenge but I've seen dead houseplants with more energy than Evan. Suck it up dude, this is war! (And pestilence. And famine. And death.) Field trip to the end of the world...or where old movie props go to die. This week's Spotlight Challenge is the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Your mission: choose one of the Horseman and use the name to inspire your own horrific incarnation of it. This is an individual challenge but you'll work as a set so be sure to have a unifying theme. Glenn is the special guest mentor with the sage advice of find contrast in the characters. Ready? Go!

Group 1
Stevie - Famine
Jordan - War
Scott - Death
Meg - Pestilence

Group 2
Evan - Death
Kevon - Pestilence
Nora - Famine
Ben - War

Stevie points out that even though it's an individual challenge, their concepts have to work together so naturally Meg suggests they are connected by pocket watches and everyone loves the idea. And by loves I of course mean 'no one else had a suggestion so we'll use that.' Ah, inertia. Don't ever change. Nora had a lot of enthusiasm right out of the gate but once back in the lab, she didn't feel her ideas were translating well. Evan steps in with a quick consult and she discovers what we already knew: sometimes you just have to get out of your own way so she's back on track. Atta girl! Overall the designs trend toward 'gross-out' which, while horrific, really need to be balanced with some subtlety for, you know, contrast.

Mr. Westmore! We missed you last week sir. Stevie's original concept was to hide the mouth but he cautions that maybe it's not the greatest idea and because she's smart, she listens. Kevon, on the other hand, doesn't want warts and boils on his Pestilence so what does Mr. Westmore counsel to add? Warts and boils and lose the spaghetti hair. Dammit! Meg's feeling pretty good about her concept and design and Ben gets right to work fabricating a chest piece that looks hella complicated. Don't get too bogged down in this Ben!

Kevon actually listened! Huzzah. Nora is feeling better about her character and sees the whole vision coming together. For her team, collars will be the unifying them. I guess it will be a four-way BFF charm. Because Stevie has Famine, she's sculpting a skeletal chest piece which of course she's never done before. Why? Why would you not practice any of the skills? You know you're going to need them so at least get a feel for them!

Scott molds Death and the man is the undisputed king of time management. Evan, not so much. He and Stevie both worry over the amount of work left to do and I'm forced again to wonder why no one practiced timed challenges before auditioning for the show. It just seems...logical. She's down to the wire but gets her mold cleaned out just in time.

Application Phase
Okay guys, anyone remember the whole 'contrast' thing Glenn mentioned?  Kevon needs detail on the paint job to sell the idea which I dont' know if anything can save this hot-mess of a lamprey. Ben's chest piece is taking an inordinate amount of time and when your model has to help you pull it together, well, it's  generally not a good sign. He may be unable to polish this turd but I hope I'm wrong. Nora goes with a body painting and contouring technique on her model's chest and I'm sorry but Evan's paint job looks like a luchador. The challenge seemed to get away from Ben and he's really down but won't give up. Who knows, maybe someone else screwed up worse *coughKevoncough*

Last Looks
I'm not sure sure Jordan did the previous two and a half days in the lab but he has to pretty much do everything in this last hour. Evan realizes his paint is too hot pink and tries to tone it down by makin it shiny like fascia. Ben's more and more discouraged but Nora's recovered nicely and Kevon just went straight-up weird. Do you think that it was a bad choice? It may have been a bad choice.

Reveal Stage
Group 1
Meg - Pestilence. She went with the rotting/pus look and it pretty well worked though may be too dry.
Jordan - War. All I can think of is an angry lamprey.
Stevie - Famine. It certainly looks cadaverous.
Scott - Death. My first though was 'crypt keeper.' It's a tight look but nothing that hasn't been done before in previous seasons.
Their unifying theme was a pocket watch. Other than the hourglass, I saw no timepieces.

Group 2
Kevon - Pestilence. The love child of Cthulhu and a Tusken Raider.
Nora - Famine. Evil skeleton. The barbed wire collar was an especially nice touch.
Ben - War. The Biker of Frankenstein.
Evan - Death. If a member of Insane Clown Posse moonlighted as a luchador.

They're not really getting Jordan's idea but Glenn says that it's unique. That it is, Glenn. That it is. Scott's old lady crypt keeper was perfectly acceptable. They're not raving so he's safe. Kevon made some pretty obscure choices (no kidding) and they wonder if Ben's is better without the helmet. It is not. They're impressed  by Nora's color matching between the face and the body and like how Evan gave the mask he crafted a distinctly metallic look.

Meg, Stevie, Scott, Jordan

Top Looks
Nora - They loved coloring in the chest and the color palette in general. She had very good sculptural forms with great detailing and the barbed wire was a nice touch.

Evan - They really liked the graphic design sculpt and his paint job. Glenn is most impressed tht he followed directions. Kindergarten for the win!

Bottom Looks
Kevon - He lost the human form and it just didn't translate into a workable idea. Sometimes staying in the box is a better choice.
Ben - They didn't feel that his heart and soul were in the piece and they were right. Ben wasn't happy with his concept coming together and it showed.

Evan - He took some big risks and the result was some gorgeous work.

Kevon - No on is really sad and I'm just glad that I don't have to type that stupid spelling again.

Next week it's time to get their freak on - circus style. You know what that means: send in the clowns! Join us on Tuesday, September 29 at 9 p.m. ET for 'Freak Show' only on Syfy.