'The Walking Dead' Most Talked About Scene: 'JSS'

Jessie's got a gun...
Obviously there are spoilers in here so if you missed last night's The Walking Dead please step away. Go on. I'll wait.

Okay, season six's second episode started off with Enid's heartbreaking backstory and her reminding herself to 'just survive somehow.' Then it got a little slow with Carol and the gals talking about ham and paprika and how smoking is bad for you...well it turns out, it really IS pretty bad for you. The wolves invasion arrived and for 45 minutes, Carol's casserole baked away as Alexandria was brutally attacked.

"JSS" has become a fan favorite already and in the scene AMC chose at the 'most talked about,' Jessie is attacked by a female wolf in her really nice kitchen where she gives haircuts. After a failed attempt at using her gun and being temporarily knocked out, she grabs her scissors and goes all mama bear on this palazzo pants-wearing psycho. As a parent, I may have let out a very loud, "YES!" when she gave that last thrust into the invader as her older son looks on. As if he didn't want that haircut before he witnessed this? Hopefully he now has a new found respect for his mother.

So here's that scene but of course, let us know what scene was your fav. There were really too many to count. I also added a sneak peek at next week's episode, 'Thank You.' You're welcome.

-Larissa Mrykalo