'Face Off' Recap: 'Wanted Dead or Alive'

All photos courtesy Syfy.

We're back for Face Off's tenth season on a new night. The ladies have won the last three seasons, will the guys have what it takes to break the streak? We've been promised a doozy of a season so let's meet our artists and do this!

The Contestants
Johnny - He decided to make creatures because he wouldn't believe anyone that they weren't real.
Anna  - She took classes at Kosart Effects (strong move Anna!)
Katie - She was pre-med and so has a background in anatomy which will be helpful.
Njoroge - He's a gamer and the oldest of the group who has worked on some independent films though not full time.
Rob - He attended make-up school and is a Young Turk.
Jennifer - She's a SAHM and a member of the Star Wars 501's club. Plus, mad sewing skills.
Walter - Another young Turk but inspired by "Face Off" so follow your dreams kids.
Ant - He attended make up school and worked in a wig shop.
Melissa - She reminds me of Meryl Streep in a way.
Greg - He wears tank tops and has a LOT of eyebrow.
Kaleb - He opened a face painting business with his mom and is ready for the next level.
Yvonne - She's Canadian. Hopefully we'll find out more about her.
Robert - He's got a delightful German accent and a demented sense of humor, just what one wants in a disgruntled dental technician.
Mel - She started in local theater but as a classic Type A, the loss of control terrifies her.

No time to fangirl though y'all, Mackenzie throws them right into the first Spotlight Challenge: Alien Bounty Hunters. Plus they'll work in teams of two which is really not what you want for the first challenge but go big or go home. For inspiration, each team will choose a 'Wanted' poster with a name and a ship and create the intergalactic bounty hunter that would go with it.


Design Phase
Johnny and Ant struggle early with the sad elf-goat and Johnny needs to lay off the mouth just a bit. Kaleb and Walter seem to be drawing inspiration from Jay Leno's chin which is not advisable under any circumstances. Mr. Westmore! He gives Yvonne and the Nameless One (Greg) feedback that their sculpt is reading too much simian and not enough alien. He also hates the extra eyes on Johnny and Ant's sculpt which were the only thing they did agree on. The trainwreck atmosphere is practically palpable.

Drinks are ready but no one cracks so we remain sober. Kudos to Walter and Kaleb for following Mr. Westmore's advice and getting into the molding room first.

Day 2
Yvonne and Nameless Partner struggle to get an idea going but not as bad as Johnny and Ant. Should we make anything of the fact that Nameless Tank Top Boy has no name in any of the interview sections? Because it's weird. Several more teams have made it to the molding room and so by and large are in good shape. Jennifer comes up with a creative solution to the heavy tentacle issue she and Mel were having, Melissa brings her creative 'A' game and Rob steams feathers for the fluffy silhouette. As you do.

Application Day
Yvonne's edges are awful so they try to cover the hot mess with more dark make up. This never ends well and no one wants to go home after the first challenge. No kidding. Katie is confident and bossy so Robert makes the decision to step back and this may prove to be a very bad idea. You are an artist sir; own your artistic temperament!

Last Looks
Walter's LED lights aren't working in his horns so he takes them out. Probably for the best. Oh! Tank top boy is Greg. Hi Greg. Robert uses latex and cotton balls to affix the tusks and Katie is amazed that it actually works. Chill, Katie; even dental technicians have mad skills. To sum up: crappy edges, peeling lips and malfunctioning lights. Oh my! No cracked molds though so we all stay regrettably sober.

Reveal Stage
Welcome back judges! Glenn's got a new studio...and less hair.

Kaleb/Walter - mutant cyborg lizard

Njoroge/Rob - Go, speed bird, go!

Anna/Melissa - Consumptive Gorn

Ant/Johnny - Cindy Lou Who on meth

Katie/Robert - Iron Insect

Yvonne/Greg - Incredibly pissed-off Borg Queen

Jennifer/Mel- Rasta Khal Drogo

They're not loving the bird but are enjoying the classic forms of the Gorn-like thing. They're completely confused by the Blue Meth Who and Khal Drogo - Bounty Hunter.

Jennifer, Mel, Katie, Robert, Njoroge, Rob

Top Looks
Kaleb/Walter - They modeled theirs after the Texas horned lizard as their bounty hunter was from a dry desert planet. Ve really liked the warm tones with green speckling, Neville likes the orbital cavity and overall form language and Glenn found it a cohesive look all around.

Melissa/Anna - Neville likes the cohesive design, form language, and resultant good design choices; Ve likes profile head treatment of the cowl. It's action-figure ready and I can't disagree with her.

Bottom Looks
Johnny/Ant - They don't like the paint job as there are no zones, just highlights and it's definitely not cohesive. It lacks intrigue because they didn't work together.

Greg/Yvonne - Judges can't decide if it's organic or metallic and neither could the artists. Overall, it's very confused with poor facial features. They needed to make sense of the 'nanotechnology' and have it be cohesive throughout the entire project. Apparently 'form language' and 'cohesive' will be this season's 'horns'.



Next week the remaining artists will head to Peewee's Playhouse to tackle their favorite subject of all: whimsy. Join us on Syfy next Wednesday, January 20 at 9 p.m. ET for 'Child's Play.'