New "Ghostbusters" Trailer Breaks a YouTube Record

Paul Feig's upcoming "Ghostbusters" movie has broken a YouTube record; officially becoming the most DISLIKED movie trailer in the history of the website. Released in March, the trailer currently has over 30 million views.

However, the video has received nearly 700,000 dislikes to a disproportionate (and paltry in comparison) 227,455 likes. It's by no means the most disliked video on YouTube, however. It currently sits at the 18th most disliked video overall. The first place honor belongs to Justin Beiber's tune, "Baby."

If you think that the trailer is only disliked by die-hard "Ghostbusters" fans, mansplainers, you would be mistaken. Star of the film, Melissa McCarthy, isn't a fan of the trailer either.

"It's a reboot. It's weird that they said the '30 years ago' because in the movie the first ["Ghostbusters"] didn't happen. [...]The trailer said 30 years later, which I didn't get myself...believe me, the question was asked. I was like 'I think that's very confusing,' but then everyone said 'we don't care what you think,'" the actress stated on JohnJay and Rich.

So, fellow nerds, if you have watched the trailer, do you think it deserves its spot in the top 20 most disliked YouTube videos? If you haven't seen it yet, check it out and let us know what you think!

-Nowal Massari