Robert Kirkman apologizes for The Walking Dead finale

If you felt a little ripped off by the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead -- you know, the one where they were building to the introduction of Negan, and the death of a major character, but cut to credits without showing Who. The. Hell. Died! -- well, creator Robert Kirkman has heard your cries.

As reported by Blastr, Kirkman addresses the situation in the letters page of Issue #154 of the comic. He apologizes for dicking fans around -- sort of. He also says the finale cliffhanger leading to next fall's Season 7 premiere was a success, and basically pulled what Star Trek: The Next Generation did every season.

Someone with a better knowledge of Star Trek should fact check that one, because I'm not quite certain I buy it.

Check out his statement below, and let us know: Do you feel like you have a few extra months to hope, and not grieve? Do you think it was a smart play to get you talking? Or do you still feel pretty pissed at the non-reveal?