Famed U.S. Lake Monster is Getting a Mini-Series

Photo credit: Sandi Mansi, 1977
Cryptozoologists, believers and skeptics alike have long been enchanted by the mythos of many a monster.

One of the more famous aquatic creatures would have to be none other than Scotland's very own Loch Ness monster. While Nessie has been making news for decades, her lesser known relative will be getting his time in the spotlight this June in a mini-series titled "On the trail of ... Champ."

Champ is said to reside in the waters of Lake Champlain. Much like his (or her) cousin across the pond, Champ has been reported as resembling long extinct dinosaurs; a Plesiosaur or a Tanystropheus, depending on who you ask. As urban legends are wont to do, there are varying accounts in size, which have the beast ringing between 10 and 30 feet in length.

Filmmaker Aleksander Petakov and the crew behind Small Town Monsters (Beast of Whitehall 2016) spent the summer and part of fall in 2017 filming their documentary, in what is now the largest and most well-funded search for Champ on record.

This six-to-eight episode mini-series is just the beginning for "On the trail of..." which will be searching the Eastern United Stated for everyone's favorite hairy humanoid, Bigfoot, in 2019.

A crowdfunding campaign to fund post production costs will be launching on January 25. Petakov and Small Town Monsters will unleash their footage on DVD and VIDI Space streaming June 15, and you'll be able to catch it on Amazon sometime in July. VIDI Space is a new streaming platform founded by Nick Groff, Elizabeth Saint, and Justin Narragon, which will feature supernatural and paranormal content.

Join the search yourself and check out the trailer!

-Nowal Massari