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Whether you're a true believer or a casual viewer, Paranormal Pop Culture is your source for the latest entertainment news and features on spooky stories, ghost hunters, vampire romance, mythical monsters and good old-fashioned brain-eating zombies. Founded in 2009 by journalist/author/TV personality Aaron Sagers, Paranormal Pop Culture has been featured on CNN, MTV, Huffington Post, Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post, Hollywood Reporter, Travel Channel and Coast to Coast due to our unique focus on the "Entertainment of the Unexplained."

Paranormal Pop Culture does not endorse claims of the paranormal or promote belief in phenomena, but solely focuses on the topic as an entertainment genre.

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It typically happens on those nights - that just so happen to be dark and stormy. There might be a vibe in the air and the hair on your neck starts to tingle like a Spidey sense. In the not-far-enough-recessed portion of your brain, you start summoning images of Annabelle, Regan, or even BooBerry.

Long before movies, TV or radio shows, people told ghost stories and believed in monsters and magic men. Spawned from mythology and religion, these tales were the earliest version of paranormal popular culture. They tapped into the shared experiences of anyone who had been afraid of the dark and unknown - and even today, isn't that pretty much all of us?

Several polls conducted over the years consistently show an overwhelmingly amount of Americans have some belief in the supernatural; and many even claim to have had a personal experience or two. And those numbers are growing.

It's no surprise that as more people are reporting a belief in the supernatural, entertainment media is reflecting this with an uptick of shows, films, books, etc. surrounding the paranormal. But it goes beyond the multitude of reality-TV investigators and "hunters" with nightvision cameras seeking out ghosts, monsters and UFOs. When it comes to big box office draws, you still can't do much better than a bespectacled boy wizard or a vampire who sparkles in the sun - although lately they have growing competition from zombies, werewolves, aliens, monsters, psychics, ghosts and even more vampires.

The trend in popular culture isn't just limited to movies and TV, either. Internet radio shows, books, comic books and video games are dominated by paranormal subject matter.

That is why ParanormalPopCulture.com exists.

We are dedicated to covering all forms of paranormal popular culture in mass media - and to have fun while doing it. This site isn't about proving or debunking the existence of anything beyond the entertainment factor. But rest assured, whether you're a true believer or casual viewer, you'll find something here for you.

Welcome to ParanormalPopCulture.com, where we are always exploring the entertainment of the unexplained.

-Aaron Sagers, Founder, 2009