'Grimm' premiere gets historical

Miss last night's season premiere of Grimm? Then you missed out on Nick's mom visiting Aunt Marie's trailer, and opening up about all things grimmy. Check out this clip from last night before the gang heads out to save Juliette.


SNAPPS said...

I can’t wait to start watching Grimm this season. I will be able to use my Auto Hop to skip all the annoying commercials and stay focused on the show. Grimm’s one of my favorite primetime shows I got hooked on during its first season. The Auto Hop will be something I can use all the time, since I don’t like commercials and having to manually skip. Now I can choose to skip commercials or let them play on my PrimeTime Anytime shows. One of my coworkers at Dish showed me the Auto Hop functions and how it’s going to make things simple. This isn’t an automatic feature, and I need to confirm if I want to skip commercials before I watch each recording. No more over fast forwarding and I can save the life on the batteries on my remote.