Can you stomach screaming, prepubescent teen girls?

And I don't mean in the literal sense. I'll go ahead and assume if you're reading this, you're not into eating humans. But we're equal opportunity around here, so proceed if so. Anyway, if you think you can handle it, check out the shaky camera job (think Blair Witch on a slimmer budget) done by a Comic-Con faithful last weekend. Whomever the screaming chick is (FYI, she REALLY likes Taylor Lautner), she did a bang-up job. Here's a look at how Edward, who was physically absent for the majority of New Moon the book (if i was an emoticon proponent, you'd be getting a sad face right about now), will appear to Bella in New Moon the flick. Word to the wise—If you'd like to hang onto your hearing, when it looks like Lautner is about to derobe, we suggest turning down the volume. — amy kates