They ain't scared of no ghosts

You know reality TV has really taken over the world when not even The Cartoon Network can get away with something crazy like only offering scripted television for today's youth. While you're waiting for PPC's chatfest with the big boys to post, spend some time getting to know the JV squad, The Othersiders. A match made in 'tween paranormal heaven, the team is anchored by lead investigator Riley, cute as a button KC and Jackie, and then the squints, Zach and Sam. The interactive running blog is a fun touch—just glaze over the "ROFL" references from fans. Peek through their ongoing case files to see what's been spookin' in your neck of the woods. Catch the crew Wednesdays at 9 p.m. And hurry before it's too late and they're hot-tubbing in Cancun with MTV.