Wine and dine, then jugular.

So you’re hosting a dinner party with your parapop junkie friends. Harry and The Hendersons (on VHS. You’re hardcore) is cued up and ready to go. Finger foods are flowing, and, what’s that? You overhear two of your guests in cahoots over how last month’s fiesta thrown by your sworn frenemy (the one with the comic book and super hero collection that rivals that of Andy’s in The 40 Year Old Virgin) was so much better. Ah, but you’ve yet to play your trump card, my friend: parabooze. Check it out.

Dracula Syrah A product of France’s Rhone region (don’t you look smart) with dark chocolate and cherry notes. And the wax-stamped letter from Dracula is pretty cool, too.
Vampire Merlot A Zin/Cab Sauv blend aged in French and American oak, the slick bottle will only cost you $9.99. Small price to pay for immortality.
Vampire White Zin For the ladies in the place, fresh Cali fruit and wine acids join forces for a lively flavor you can sink your teeth into.
Witches’ Brew It will cost you a pretty penny ($12.95/750 ml bottle), but with an alcohol content of 9.3 percent, you won’t remember it, anyway.
Sasquatch Chardonnay Big-foot himself helps hand-pick the grapes at the peak of ripeness before they’re barrel-fermented in French Oak.
Night of the Living Red The toast of the parabooze town, this bottle is shrouded in mystery: no ingredients. The coolest part is the packaging—it comes with “missing/suppressed” crime files that suggest zombies living in vineyards. 
And what's paranormal fodder without an origin story? If you're in Camp Vamp, check in here; if it's Big Foot you're after, try here. Cheers and fears, my friends.
amy kates