They're cominggg (back ... again.)

Were you around for the first installment of V? (And no, I'm not talking about mind-blowingly potent black-market vampire blood.) Blink and you missed it. The aliens-are-among-us drama, once upon a time an NBC miniseries that morphed into a short-run TV show, is back and revamped for ABC's fall lineup. The last time I got sucked into an ABC alien drama, Invasion, the network yanked it before I got a chance to reap the benefits of being a fangirl—methinks one of few. So I'm a little apprehensive about V, especially considering this "new" alien life form comes without the draw of Eddie Cibrian's dimples. What it does come with is the exquisite Elizabeth Mitchell—my favorite character from a little show called LOST, as the female lead. Does this mean the Island and its friendly neighborhood smoke monster have lost fair Juliet? Check out the V trailer below—are you tuning in this fall, or tuning V out?

amy kates