TwiTats? Now that's serious.

My parapartner was all set to blog this when he realized if he did, he’d deprive me of some serious Twilight joy, the glow of which I simply can’t bask in enough. Trust me on that — just this weekend I was overcome with jealousy toward an innocent 8-year-old, wide-eyed cutie (Hi, I’m 26) who was able to pull off a wicked Cullen family crest t-shirt without being met with raised eyebrows and snickers from the peanut gallery.

My partner’s take on the TwiTat movement is, perhaps before one permanently alters one’s body for the sake of fandom, one should wait until the object of his — who are we joking — her pop obsession celebrates its 10th birthday. My take? Tell that to all those fools who link up, ink up, then break up.

Had I had “AK+DB” tatted on my arm in honor of my first brush with love, which lasted, like six months, it would suck, for sure. But it would also remind me of some of my best days as a teen — and judging from the hyper-ecstatic crowds I’ve run into at events like midnight release parties (yes, it rocked; no, I did not participate in any of the games) for the Twilight DVD, a TwiTat would do the same for them. AK+DB is long over, but it stamped me, just like Twilight has.

If you wanna sacrifice your skin for paranormal pop culture like these chicks, go ahead. Just, uh, don’t tell your parents I said so. Check out the gallery here, and send us yours. Oh, and be on the look out for the rarest of TwiTats — the elusive male version.

amy kates