(Psychic) reading is fundamental

Ever since Dr. Venkman shocked me (when I was giving the right answers about those stupid cards), I’ve been a little wary of my psychic abilities. But I’m feeling much better about the whole pursuit of these tendencies after reading Tiffany Johnson’s Picture Yourself Developing Your Psychic Abilities.

Psychic jokes aside, I know what you’re thinking, but this book is far outside the realm of “scam artist with a crystal ball” territory. Published by Cengage Learning, a company focused on highly-customized text books, Johnson’s is a refreshingly down-to-earth, practical guide.

Long before she dives into tips and tactics, Johnson acknowledges the popular perceptions and misconceptions about psychics, and spends a fair amount of space discussing the background (and mistakes) of the field. She emphasizes that we all have some psychic ability as part of our human makeup. And unlike some professional psychics, she stresses that psychics aren’t meant to screw with heads or predict the future, but are instead supposed to help others interpret the meaning of signs and images.

This common sense approach, packaged in a sleek presentation with engaging photos and graphics, makes for a fun paranormal pop culture entry from an irrepressibly likable authority.

Since Tiffany Johnson’s lessons take time to learn and practice, I can’t say my psychic senses are tingling after reading it. However, Picture Yourself Developing Your Psychic Abilities does immediately seem like a good text to honing intuition and improving both internal and external dialogue.

-aaron sagers