Bring out the 'Dead'

For some time now I've been following the horror-comedy I Sell The Dead. The movie, starring Dominic Monaghan of Drive Shaft, is about two grave robbers who get caught up in the "resurrection trade" and encounter creatures not content to stay six feet under.

The first feature film written and directed by Dubliner Glenn McQuaid, Dead appears to be an old-school, gallows humor ghost story in the vein of a 19th Century Shaun of the Dead. I missed it when it screened in New York City in late March, so I'm pretty psyched for this weekend's opening.

If the trailer and early reviews are any indication, this should be a good one. Depending on whether you live in one of those mysterious "limited release" zones, it may or may not be in a theater near you starting Friday. But if it isn't, visit IFC Entertainment to see if it will be showing on cable in your area beginning Aug. 12. I Sell the Dead is also being adapted into a comic by Image for an October release. - aaron sagers