'Empire' magazine strikes back at goofy movie face-offs

Our friends over at Empire movie magazine come up with some good ideas that make us a little jealous and a lot impressed. So impressed, in fact, that you can be guaranteed we'll never take to fisticuffs in a Empire vs. Paranormal Pop Culture showdown.

However, a little fighting is a good thing from time to time, as evidence by this fun Empire magazine feature about the "Top 10 Ridiculous Movie Face-Off Titles." The emphasis here being "ridiculous," without much attention paid to quality. Still, a majority of the entries are twinged with monsters, vampires, a couple Draculas and a few aliens - basically the stuff that butters our paranormal bag.

Take a look-see, and lest we miss an opportunity to re-post the best trailer of the last year - nay, last decade - remember that only god himself knows who will triumph in a "versus" battle between these two beasts below...