Jennifer's Hottie. Body. Whatever.

Oh, Megan Fox. You almost completely destroyed my relationship with Twitter ("i quit Twitter. Megan Fox is a trending topic? come on. from web"), but, seeing as how I found your interview with Diablo Cody, et. al at Comic-Con so damn endearing (longingly clutching that Robert Pattinson EW-cover-turned-pillow sure helped your case), I'll come to terms with the fact that all it took was a distressed denim mini for you to dominate the planet Earth.

I like this new Jennifer's Body poster,  better than
the True Blood send off my esteemed colleague pointed out weeks ago. The message scrawled on the blackboard made me chuckle, and I went all Lostpedia and tried to decipher any hidden meaning in the books she's clutching. There isn't.

But here's my beef: Diablo Cody, where you at, sister? You wrote this movie and let the poster slip through your skinny little fingers with a tagline as uninspiring as "She's evil ... and not just high school evil?" I do like your angle: crazy hot cheerleader babe goes all maneater in small-town America high school. It will be refreshing to have a chick do the demon thing for a change.

But come on! Where's the snap? You can't propel such brilliant witticisms as "food baby" and "kickin' it Old Testament" into my pop culture lexicon and get away with this. Poor effort, Diablo. Honest to blog.

amy kates