Throw one back with a friendly neighbor vamp

Can't get into Fantasia? That darn dress code. It's killer. But check it out: You can have your very own vamp bar at home, you lucky sucker.

The HBO-backed product (I know, takes a little bite out of it, doesn't it?) is now available for pre-order for an early September shipping date.

The drink is an exact replica of what the vamps throw down the hatch every Sunday night on True Blood, but at a heavily reduced price. Bill and E-Rock shell out $40 each for a bottle o' blood, but HBO is only sticking you for $4 each. The carbonated "blood-orange" flavored (am I the only person who doesn't know what "blood orange" tastes like? Or is it a general problem with mortals?) soda is just dying to be paired with alcohol.

Some suggestions: Tru Blood + vodka = The Fangbanger, Tru Blood + peach schnapps, pineapple juice and vodka = Death on the Beach, and, my personal favorite, the Plasmotini: Tru Blood, citron, cointreau and lime juice. Jump on the bandwagon
here. Bottoms up.

amy kates