Just watch the paper cuts.

Big-time props to Brooklyn artist Andy Swist's fangtasmic creation. What a fun idea, and I'm impressed the artist went with these two characters for his debut in lieu of the obvious big timers like Bill or Sookie, who've since been added to the mix. Since True Blood creator Alan Ball for some reason refuses to showcase the delightful Pam more than every three episodes, Pamalots need to get their fix somewhere. (Since I just coined "Pamalots," I'll count myself as founder and member.) I can't figure out why she isn't utilized more. But if you want to see more of her, grab yourself some scissors and start cutting. Lafayette is here, too, in True Blood paper doll form, and the rendering is pretty awesome. LaFay would definitely handpick these clothes with the aid of buffed, shined and glittery nails. And while I give props to the artist for Pam's Burberry-inspired suit, I find a major problem with her available accouterments: Not only would Pam have way more than one pair of heels, but not in a million years (and she's got years in spades) would she pair pink stilettos with a blue velour track suit. Warning: If you plan on a paper doll playdate, just watch the paper cuts ... especially near those of the fanged persuasion. — amy kates