Who's Scarier?

I'm having a hard time deciding who's more frightening: Nan or Ann. Ice-queen Nan of the American Vampire League (check out the American Vampire League
Web site to show your support for the vampire victims of the terrorists attacks on August 16, 2009 in Dallas, Texas) is not one to mess with. She'll drain you in the 30 seconds she has between hair, makeup and "Action" on AVL TV. And then there's Ann, a most divisive human. If you've ever seen her, you know getting eaten really shouldn't be one of your concerns, but she just might argue you to a painful, ear-splitting,flaming death akin to a vampire hitting the sun ... and that's for the non-Dems. I can't even write the things she'd do to Democrats. This is a throwdown I'd love to see on True Blood. They even look a little bit alike, wouldn't you say? Ann's a haircut away from immortality. But first we'd have to find someone actually willing to turn her ... could be a tall order. — amy kates