Lesbians, vampires at the center of censorship stickers

Discrimination disgusts me, be it based on gender, sexual orientation or paranormal tendencies. That's why I feel so strongly about news coming out of the United Kingdom that the cover of a newly-released DVD is the focus of censorship.

The Guardian is reporting that the DVD cover for the paranormal pop culture meets "lad mag" movie Lesbian Vampire Killers is facing harsh treatment from retailers. Apparently, the combination of the cleavage shot on the cover with the word "lesbian" is worthy of censorship stickers. Surprisingly, the tag line "they won't go down without a bite" isn't at issue.

Some retailers are claiming they never requested a censored version, while others say it's only the cleavage that's offensive.

Aren't the Brits supposed to be way more tolerant about this stuff than us? OK, based on the trailer below, this looks pretty misogynistic and appears to go for cheap laughs. Still, the weirdness surrounding "lesbian" is odd, although it has to be great publicity for the movie.

Now, if only I could figure out what the plot is about. Hmmm ...

-aaron sagers