The Winchester Mansion story get colorful

Chances are good that anyone remotely interested in ghosts and haunted houses has heard of the Winchester Mystery House story. The San Jose, California, house was built by Sarah Winchester, the widow of William Wirt Winchester (the son of the man who gave the world the Winchester repeating rifle).

Believing her family was cursed and the ghostly victims of the famous gun required appeasement, Sarah began construction on the bizarre house in 1884 and had it continue round-the-clock under her death in 1922. There were no real designs for the building, and as a result, there are stairways that lead nowhere and doors that drop off into nothing.

For paranormal investigators, and fans of paranormal pop culture, this is one of the biggies.

It's exciting, then, that SLG Publishing is releasing a comic book in October that dramatizes the Winchester Mystery House story. Written by SLG founder Dan Vado, the story looks to have elements of truth, but is largely fictional. Also, master magician and paranormal debunker Harry Houdini - who Vado says conducted a seance in the house - will be a bad guy for the book.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming comic below, and pay a visit to our friends over at Newsarama, who have a cool little interview with Vado.

-aaron sagers

Winchester #1 trailer from SLG Publishing on Vimeo.