Clash of the para pop culture titans

Oh, dear me. And dear you, most likely, as I’m willing to bet you’ll face the same dilemma I have once I spill the news that Sept. 13 at 9 p.m. is becoming even more of a paranormal pop culture conundrum.

You already know
True Blood signs off the airwaves that night at 9. You also know, thanks to moi, that a pretty awesome docu about a girl who cries blood will be running on Nat Geo at the same time. But hold on, parapoppers, because the Holy Trinity of Paranormal is now complete, thanks to MTV’s news that it will premiere a brand spankin’ new extended trailer of New Moon at the 2009 VMA awards going down that night.

I’m thinking this is not the kind of trailer you can Google and enjoy in the privacy of your own home — it’s probably under better lock and key than Robert Pattinson’s home phone number. So what to do? I have a DVR, but not even that glorious miracle of man is equipped to handle
three para pop culture events simultaneously. But If I know MTV (and the Twilight kids’ maddening too-cool-for-school mentality), the trailer will kick off around 10:40 p.m. in an effort to reel viewers in until the bitter end. (READ: In order to get to the promised land, you might have to sit through Taylor Swift.) But boy. What a night, eh? I was one of the fervid fans who sat with bated breath on the night of the '08 VMAs, just itchin' for a view of New Moon. Damn you, MTV, but count me in again. Your devious plots know no bounds.

— amy kates