I will not make a blood pun, just this once.

Is it paranormal? Is it pop culture? I really struggled with whether or not to post this for two reasons: 1) There are no ghosts or zombies or vampires in the mix; rather, just a very abnormal human being, 2) I don’t intend to make light of what is a super serious situation for a young girl.

But for people like me who have a serious jones for things that just don’t seem to have any kind of rational explanation, this is must-see TV. On Sept. 13, National Geographic presents The Girl Who Cries Blood at 9 p.m. (I would fail at my job as a parapop artist if I didn't point out that for perhaps the first time in television history, if you wanted, you could catch not one but two separate occurrences of females who cry blood — The Girl butts timeslot heads with True Blood. And judging from Jessica’s fight with Hoyt last week, she will be crying a river o’ blood in the finale).

Check the teaser out below — it’s legit. So what's the story? Is it stigmata? Is it a demonic possession? Is the girl blessed? Modern medicine seems to be stumped, as well as religious pundits the world over. What happens when we apply "paranormal" to bona-fide muggles? That might be the scariest question of all. Tune in and draw your own conclusions.

amy kates